train travel questions

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train travel questions

A few quick questions....My husband and I will be travelling from Paris to London to Amsterdam to Koln (down the river) and back to Paris. Whew! 1) What's the fastest way from Paris to London and from London to Amsterdam and 2) Does anyone have any idea how long the legs of these trips will take and 3) should we pay per train trip (as we go) or buy a Eurorail pass?

thanks for the help!
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From Paris to London, the fastest is the Eurostar (The Chunnel). I went one way and bought a two way ticket for it was cheaper. It was still $208. It took right at 3 hours for we hit 187 mph in the France countryside. It was great. The Eurostar also goes from London to Amsterdam. Not sure of your schedule, but Paris is closer to Amsterdam (I believe)so it may be cheaper and better to take that route. Also, airline flights can be reasonable, but take the train for travelling to airports and the time you loose does not make it worth it. Also, buy Eurostar tickets by placing an overseas phone call at the office # on the web ( They are very helpful. Have Fun
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You can fly from London to Paris or A'dam for around $60 try Easy jet , Ryanair etc.The train ride is nothing
special.Don't know about Koln.
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1. Eurostar Paris-London. Then Eurostar London-Bruxelles, changing trains and then the THALYS Bruxelles-Amsterdam. EC/IC service Amsterdam-Koeln, and finally, THALYS from Koeln-Paris.
2. Paris-London $239/$159(4hrs)
London-Bruxelles Same(3.5hrs)
Bruxelles-Amsterdam $66/$43(3.5hr)
Amsterdam-Koeln $66/$44(2.5hrs)
Koeln-Paris $139/$90(4hrs)
3. While you would get cheaper prices on some of these trains with a railpass, the price of the pass offsets the savings. Straight tickets would come to $700/$495. If you got a 5 day Europass, the prices jump to $776/$587.
If you would like any further assistance, please let me know.


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1) 15 mins to Gare du Nord; 3 hours on the Eurostar; 15 mins from Waterloo to your destination for $200 (weekend r/t tickets are about $142) plus cost of the subway or cab rides to/from the stations. Or, one hour to Paris airport to be there one hour before flight time; one hour in the air; one hour from London airport to your destination. $60 airfare, plus $20 in train costs to/from airports (or $120 if you take cabs or hired car). It's about the same breakdown if you do Eurostar London>Bruxelles then train Amsterdam, adding on the cost of Brussels>Amsterdam train. I like the train because, unless there's something wrong with the tunnel, the trains run - air controller strikes, bad weather, mechanical difficulties can delay flights and you are stuck at a stupid airport. If the Eurostar is delayed, you can put your bags in a locker and go see something. can give you length of time for each leg of your journey, and the cost per ticket. Check several things: discounts for certain ages; discounts for traveling together; Eurorail pass is for many days within an extended period of time; there are other passes for shorter times that are cheaper. The RailEurope site on the web gives a description of each and what they cost. Rick Steves' books have a comparison chart; his website might have the same thing (never looked myself).

Koln to Paris might work as an overnight train - saves time and money (you don't pay for a hotel, you pay for a sleeping cabin instead).
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Ben Haines
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train travel questions

As Sam says, the fastest Paris to London is three hours by Eurostar, An hour longer city to centre is air: Buzz and British Midland are worth checking:
British Midland ++44 870 240 0305
Buzz ++44 870 240 7070

As Frank says, the flight from north London to Amsterdam is 40 pounds single: try British Midland and Easyjet
Easyjet ++44 870 6 000 000.
There is no Eurostar ftrom London to A,msterdam: you chsange at Brussels and the journey takes seven and a half hours.

Amsterdam to Cologne takes three hours by train. The 0755 restaurant car Rembrandt Express from Amsterdam goes straight on down the Rhine, and reaches Koblenz at 1147. The similar Berner Oberland Express runs two hours later.

Mannheim is an hour from the Rhine at Mainz. Day restaurant car trains leave Mannheim at 0814, 1148, and 1548, and take five and a half hours to Paris. To get a full night it's worth boarding a sleeper in Frankfurt at 2230, leaving at 2247, and reaching Paris at 0700.

The January issue of the Thomas Cook European Timetble shows sample fares. If I add a three dollar supplenment for each day express train I get
Amsterdam to Cologne 37 US dollars. Frankfurt to Paris 113 dollars. I think the costs of passes are on

Please write if I can help further.

Ben Haines,London


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