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Train Ticket Info

We are leaving in one week. Should I buy train tickets now and have mailed overnight? Should I buy from and should I reserve certain seats? We are doing first class. Taking the train from Rome to Florence and also from Florence to Venice. Need your help! thanks.
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Are you traveling alone? or with someone else? If you are traveling alone, you will over-spend, by about 50 to 100 dollars (US$) buying them from and using overnight shipping. If you are traveling with one other person, the amount will be $100 to 150, between the two of you. Will you gain additional peace of mind by doing that?

Personally, I would not.

Buy the tickets when you arrive in Rome.

Best wishes,

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This might reach you too late, but if you want reserved tickets after a long flight, consider purchasing them directly from the Italian train site:

They charge no extra fees. We did this on-line and it was simple. They just give you a reservation number and you pick up your electronic tickets when you arrive. Be aware that it's very random when the site lets you actually buy the tickets - they have posted hours when you can do it but even then it doesn't always show that you can buy tickets for a specific train. If you're patient and return a few times you can buy tickets for Eurostar and IC seats.
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I will be arriving at FCO from the US about 7:30 am and was planning on taking the train to Rome, then continuing onto Florence. Should I purchase my tickets in the US or will it be fairly simple (I don't speak much Italian) to buy them in Rome?? I will be traveling in early May.
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We arrived in Rome on March 20th and immediately took the train to Florence. We didn't have any trouble getting tickets although neither my husband nor I speak any Italian. Just be sure you understand which platform your train will be leaving from!

Had a great week in Florence then a fabulous week in Rome. Hope your trip goes well.
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Mauld: Go to and click-on "Airport Maps" see those yellow tubes, they a walkways located 2 levels above Arrivals that take you over to the small train station. Just look outside and you can see the station an odd (quonset hut type) building and the walkways. When you enter the station on the right is the Airport-Termini ticket booth, there will be a line so just go to the left of the ticket booth and buy your ticket at the Newstand/Kiosk. Now on the left side of the station (20M) is a ticket booth for FS tickets (Rome-Florence). Look to see when the Termini train is departing (it *should* :07 & :37 min past the hour), this train will most likely be on the right last track (there are only 4 I believe). Have the Rome-Florence timetables printed out from fs-on-line and plan for a 30min journey to Termini and a *min* of 15mins to walk to the main station and find your train. The airport train arrives *in* the train station but quite aways from the main tracks. Ask the ticket agent what track your Florence train leaves from, I'm sure he'll know. HTH Regards, Walter
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Just got back from Italy. Real easy to purchase train tickets. Go to the American Express Office near the Spanish Steps. They speak English. We flew into Rome for 4 days, purchased our Rome to Florence ticket 2 days before departure. Book on the Eurostar. They will give you a reserved seat. We went second class and saved about $30. Cost of second class ticket is $28. Be sure to VALADATE YOUR TICKET AT THE BEGINNING OF THE PLATFORM BEFORE GETTING ON THE TRAIN. Make sure you're at the right platform, and the cabin # is on the center bottom of your ticket. Train runs hourly to Firenze SMN. There is an information office at the terminal with English speaking agents. If yor're adventurous. buy a regular ticket to Venice. It takes about 20 minutes longer, but it's more colorful. When in Florence, go to Hosteria Ganino across from the American Express office. They serve a great Ribolita. Say "Hi to Henri". Tell him you read about his place on the Foders' bulletin. Have a great trip!
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3of4 - do you know the times the site is usually open for purchase of train tickets? You said in your message that you purchased the tickets on line at

I have looked many times but have never seen when I could do it or seen posted times.

Thanks for any help
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i think the ability to buy tickets is closed from about midnight to 6am italy time. the first time i went to the site (during their open time) it said i could buy tickets (there's a red "buy" clickable button to the right of the train time) for the ES trains i wanted. once i figured out my schedule, i went back another time to purchase during the open time and it didn't have the option to buy, so i just kept going back a few times until it showed that i could, indeed, purchase tickets for the time i wanted.

also, when they send you the confirmation it's in italian. i just e-mailed back and asked them - very politely and apologetically - for a reply in english and they immediately sent it - with the code number.

good luck.

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