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My folks are looking for a tour in Italy that include the town of Assi. Any suggestions?
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Assi? There's Asti in the Piemonte, there's Asso in Lake Como, there's Ponte d'Assi near Perugia, there's well known Assisi ... Where's Assi supposed to be located?

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richard j vicek
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Good morning, Nonie
Italiatours 800-845-3365 has a 9 nite Italy Prelude that has a stop in Assisi.
Grand European Tours 800-552-5545 has a
ten day tour which again stops at Assisi.
Used an American Express Tour which
stopped overnite in Assisi, but can
not find this information on line.
I would check with Amerx to see if theyu
still have the Italy tour with and
overnite in Assisi.
If you have a tour that stays for a
length of time, Vastours, via Piedmonte,32 Tour 19 is escxorted by bus and is all day with lunch in Assisi.
Took one many years ago and had a more
than excellant guide.
Richard of La Grange Park, Il...
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I think Assi is right below Backi and just above Thighsi. But why anyone would want to go there is beyond me. It's a real hole!
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Marilyn Ham
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I've been to Assisi twice, but have gone by train or rental car independently. It's a lovely Medieval town and your folks will enjoy it I'm sure. Marilyn
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Why won't she tell us which Assi she wanted? Was this a joke?
Old Nov 25th, 2000, 06:01 AM
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Is this one of your bad hair days?
I'm surprised!
Old Nov 25th, 2000, 07:20 AM
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Bad hair or no bad hair, some invitations are just TOO TOO hard for even the nicest to resist. Assi?! Come on!
Old Nov 26th, 2000, 05:41 AM
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You people are just unbelieveable. Nonie made a simple typographical error, and you guys jumped all over her. Get a life!
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I'm going to assume that since you said Assi you MEANT Assi, which is not so far-fetched!!!! I think the reason for everyone's confusion is that it's not usually referred to as just plain "Assi" but rather as "Ponte d"Assi". It's not actually a comune, so you might not find it on a map unless it's quite detailed. It's part of the comune of Gubbio, a medieval town in the province of Perugia, but it's actually located a little south of the town proper. It would probably not be hard to get there from Perugia or even Assisi on your own by either driving or public bus or hired driver. Obviously plenty of tours are based for a few days in Assisi, and some in Perugia as well, but if you really would rather go to Ponte d'Assi on an organized TOUR that SPECIFICALLY stops at Ponte d' Assi, rather than going on your own, I'd suggest looking for specialized tours of the Umbrian hilltowns, maybe walking tours, maybe historical or scenic-emphasis tours, or maybe daytrips organized out of Perugia or Assisi or other more touristy towns in Umbria. Or if the reason for your interest in Ponte d'Assi is that your ancestors came from there, another possibility is to write to the Comune of Gubbio for information, and maybe some nice person will feel like sending you stuff and being helpful.
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Sandy, don't feel too sorry for Nonie. He or she got some pretty good and helpful answers for both Assisi and Ponte d'Assi, and hasn't bothered to clarify which she meant or to acknowledge the help given. I think maybe she was pulling our collective legs after all.
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P.S. I have heard that Gubbio itself is a lovely hilltown and worth a visit, but what exactly is the attraction in Ponte d'Assi anyway?
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Will this remain an unsolved mystery????
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unsolved mystery------------------

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