Touring Spain

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Ted Margulis
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Touring Spain

I've driven cars in many countries including Italy, Germany and Austria, but in discussing driving a car with some of my knowledgeable friends who have traveled Spain and Portugal, they have advised me to take a tour, rather than drive. I never had a driving problem in any of these countries, but they tell me that if I thought it was difficult on the Autobahn, or driving Northern Italy, think three times before driving Spain. So I'm not driving. I plan on taking a plane to go from Madrid to Barcelona, but the rest of our trip is with Brendan Tours. Hope this will be of help.

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M. Kosta
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Very interesting reply to driving in Spain. We are going to Tenerife and Gran Canary in Feb. Think the driving will be as challenging there? Do you know if they have good tours inland? Any comments would be appreciated.
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Cesar Cordero
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Places to go outside Barcelona: "Costa Brava" is the stretch of coast north of Barcelona. There you'll find some of the most beautiful beaches. Try visiting S'Agaro, Platja D'Aro, Cadaques and Figueres. A major attraction in Figueres is the Salvador Dali Museum. Enjoy your trip.
Old Mar 20th, 1997, 03:51 PM
larry Weber
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I haven't driven in spain but have used the train and they are very good between major cities. To smaller cities it is a little slow but that two is a fun adventure. Having watched the traffic, I wouldn't hesitate to rent a car. Next trip, I'll do the small towns and plan to rent a car. I think it is simply your choice.
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Ronald Martin
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We were in Spain October and November,1995.We had rented a car in the states before we left on our trip. We were in Andalusia(Southern Spain).Roads were great and everything was well marked.We had no problems at all.
Old Apr 15th, 1997, 12:13 PM
Ruth Sievers
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We just returned from 2 weeks in Spain (including Semana Santa, Holy week). We flew between major cities, and our tickets were arranged beforehand by the travel agent as part of arrangement to and from the states and thus apparently saved us money over buying flights within country. If you are traveling long distances you might consider this. In the south, we rented a car (also prepaid in the states before we left). It was not expensive nor was it difficult, except for driving within tiny towns, where the streets were never intended for cars. I did not drive in any big cities, but drove from Granada to Ronda and around the Granada area, up into the Sierra Madres. It was all easy and pleasant. I understand there are new super-rapid trains now between Madrid and Seville, but we did not use the trains. Everyone warns you not to leave items in cars where they may be seen.
Old Apr 23rd, 1997, 09:57 AM
Ken Ianni
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We stayed at the Pez Espada hotel in costa del sol and rented a car right at the hotel. Our secret was to find where the tour busses were going and to drive ourselves. This gave us maximum flexibility. I found the driving in Spain to be very easy. We also drove to The Rock of Gibraltor and spent one night.
What a great experience. The next morning we drove to the ferry for a ride to Morrocco....very interesting.
Old Apr 27th, 1997, 01:49 PM
howard cogan
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I noticed your reply re: Spain. We are going to be there mid May and plan to stay in Malaga (time share exchange). We also plan to take a trip to Gibtaltar and the ferry or hydrofoil to tanger for a day. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.
Old Apr 27th, 1997, 01:50 PM
howard cogan
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I noticed your reply re: Spain. We are going to be there mid May and plan to stay in Malaga (time share exchange). We also plan to take a trip to Gibtaltar and the ferry or hydrofoil to tanger for a day. Any advice or comments would be appreciated.
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I traveled in Spain for two weeks with a car with no
problems (I picked it up when I left Madrid. You won't
need a car there). I had absolutely no problems.
The roads were excellent and well marked. One
warning though. DO NOT leave anything in your
car, ever! We left the car, with our luggage in the
trunk, for ten minutes when we arrived in Seville.
When we returned, the car had been broken into
and everything was gone. The police station was a
virtual parade of tourists with the same problem (one
group had their window broken and their luggage
stolen while they were sitting at a red light). Keep
one hand on your luggage and all of your documents
and money in your money belt. You don't want to
learn this lesson the hard way.
In spite of this experience, I found Spain to be
charming and beautiful. Gibralter is very interesting.
Park along the street before you cross the border
(don't pay for the parking. It's free, but there are scam
artists that will try to collect money), and enter on
foot. Trying to get across the border by car can
take up a lot of time.
Seville is beautiful. Make sure you visit the Jewish
quarter. Toledo is also not to be missed, but arrive
early if you plan to stay the night. Hotel rooms are
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tim norris
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Driving is a wonderful experience in Spain. Until northern Europe where the trains take you to many small villages, Spain's beauty can in many ways only be fully appreciated by auto travel. I have been to Spain a dozen times, and I can't imagine not having a car to explore the back country, the small covents, the castles, and the villages that sometimes are not even on the map. However, if in any city only park where you are suppose to because towing is a real issue, especially for a car with rental plates. Sevilla is indeed a problem because of drug addicts looking for quick money. I found staying in Carmona, twenty miles east of Sevilla a great benenfit. From there you can drive into the city for an excursion and return to a quiet hilltop village at night, a village with spectacular views of the surrounding country. In an event, by all means drive in Spain!
Old Jun 4th, 1997, 12:37 PM
Michelle Del Rosario
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I spent 6 weeks just touring Spain a few years ago. It is very easy and inexpensive to take trains and buses -- you can meet a lot of people that way as well. Lodging is very easy as well, even in small towns. I would call ahead to pensiones and hostales to make sure there was room and to inquire about prices. Pensiones give you a quick peek into what Spanish living is -- oftentimes it's a room in a family's apartment. In Madrid, Hostal Mondragon is nice and well-kept by 2 old women -- you have to pay for your showers though. One other piece of advice is to dress like locals, meaning no shorts or loud t-shirts. I found that people were more receptive if you didn't look too much like a tourist. Espero que tengas un buen viaje.
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Albert Redrado
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Driving in Spain is convenient if you plan to visit a limited number of cities. Don't forget to take a map and take a close look to the distances. Another thing is that highways are expensive.
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Jennifer McGhee
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We were in Spain and Portugal last October, as well as Maderia and the Canaries. We rented a car and had a fabulous time. Some of the cities can be challenging, but if you just keep in mind where you are going and do not worry about the other drivers, you will be fine. The Galician area of Spain is beautiful. I would recommend a trip there if at all possible. La Coruna, Santiago (which has one of, if not the most, beautiful cathedrals in Spain), Ponte Vedra, Vigo, etc. In Spain the Paradors are wonderful. They are government owned and run. They are restored manor houses, castles, ans estates. All have been restored and refurbished and are magnificent. I would advise you to get a book of the Paradors, and stay in them when at all possible. If you would let me know some of the places you are traveling, I have a Parador guide. We will be returning to Portugal and Spain again this fall, we loved it so much.
Jennifer McGhee

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