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Help- Planning to go on ABC Tour to Torremolinos the first 2 weeks in October. We arestaying in Triton Hotel. Has anybody stayed at that hotel? If so, What do you think? We'll be there for 2 weeks and plan to take day trips. Do you think it is worth it to rent a car? How is public transportation? Thanks for your help.
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My wife and I spent 2 wonderful weeks in Torremolinos in April 1998. We stayed at the Bajondillo right on the beach. We were with Grand Circle Travel. There is much to do and see in that area. For instance we took public transportation to Malaga (very cheap) to visit the Cathedral (a must see); a shopping spree at a very large department store; and a very pleasant walk around town. There also is a small train service available in Torremolinos at a minimal cost. As for renting a car, we like to walk and mix with the local population and find this allows us the opportunity to really experience their life style. I would be glad to provide more particulars if you think it would be helpful. In fact, my wife and I just signed up for another trip with GCT to the Canary Islands for one week and another week in Torremolinos. Happy Traveling.
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dot going to torremolinos for 3 weeks how was your trip? read brads message and he liked it any info for ke would be appreciated thanks natalie
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chris jones
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Lots of buses from Torremolinos bus station to lots of destinations : don't get ripped off by your hotel offering you the same journey with a 'courier' for 10 times the price. Just do it yourself.
If there's somewhere you want to go that you can't get to direct from Torremolinos, just get the train to Malaga and go from there. Malaga is a very good destination in its own right, by the way - a very pleasant city.

Are you sure you want to go to Torremolinos ?... it's pretty grotty. The only locals you will meet will be your hotel receptionist, and she will probably be from a different part of Spain. Most people will be Germans or Brits, and a fair proportion of them will be drunk.

Of course, the reason I know about transport in "Torry" is because I've been there myself. It sounds like you are going for the same reason I did - a cheap way to get to Spain, and a base for exploration. It worked well on that level for me : I hope you have a great time ... just keep moving ! Get to Granada if you can ... the Alhambra is BETTER than you have been led to believe, even by this sentence.

There is a train to Malaga
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As far as hotel Triton is concerned, I wonder if this is the one at Benalmadena (between Torremolinos and Marbella). If so, you will be better off than if it were in Torremolinos which in my opinion is the most horrible place in Spain.

If you want to do some sightseeing I would recommend to rent a car. Driving in Spain is very easy and it allows you to visit the beautiful small "pueblos blancos" (white villages). Also Ronda is worth a visit (about 1.5 hrs drive from Torr.) as well as Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada (all about 2 hrs drive in various directions).
Also the old town of Marbella with its narrow streets is very pleasant to stroll around. A glass of sangria at the Plaza de las Naranjes is a touristic "must".
Enjoy !

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