Too Much/Too Little Time in Paris??

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Too Much/Too Little Time in Paris??

I will be vacationing in August for a week in Paris with my husband and 2 children (Ages 11,15). Please tell me what you think of my itinerary: <BR> Wed- leave Newark <BR> Thurs-arrive at CDG. Shuttle to Paris Hilton (near Eiffel Tour). Take Seine River tour. <BR> Fri--Morning explore area. Take taxi to Gare Montparnasse. TGV to Tours. Taxi or car rental to Chateau deChissay. Stay overnight <BR> Sat & Sun- Transfer back to Paris (Sat early afternoon). Stay at Hotel de la Boudonnaise for 2 nights. Take Open Tour Bus --stop at some sites for 2 days <BR> Mon- RER to Disneyland. Stay at Newport Bay Club. Kids want to visit the park. <BR> Tues-? <BR> Wed-depart at noon. Total eclipse in area at what time? <BR> Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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For me personally, I don't think you are spending enough time in Paris. Is this your first trip there? You don't leave yourself much time to really explore the different arrondisements and take in the atmosphere of Paris. What about museums? I understand the kids wanting to go to Disneyland, but if you have been to the one in Florida or Calif, why not try to skip it. The Seine River tour is a good way to start off the trip as you will be tired that night. Have a good time, and rest up, sounds like alot of running around.
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Hi <BR>This will generate personal opinions rather than facts. Mine is that <BR>when you arrive at CDG you push on, tired as you are, and continue on to <BR>Tours. I'm assuming that you have reasons for wanting to go all that way to stay just one night. Then return to Paris on Friday or Saturday as you prefer, and you'll have a few days in Paris to get as much as you can out of it, and you won't be tired from the overseas trip, just tired of traveling. Personally I don't think you can ever see enough of Paris, and certainly not enough in 3 days, but 3 days is better than nothing. If the Tours leg is not that important after all, skip it,stay in Paris. You can still do Disney and even one day trip out of Paris to Versailles or Chartres or elsewhere if you want. <BR>
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Again, this is just my opinion, but this seems like a lot of moving around for a one week trip. Given all there is to see in Paris, I would opt for spending the whole week there, and perhaps taking one day trip out of the city. Also, Paris is a wonderful city for wandering, and your days seem a bit regimented to me. Personally, I would skip the open bus tour, and just explore the city by foot and metro. You will see so much more that way. And the metro is very easy to use, we never needed to take a taxi in Paris.
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The following URL shows the path of teh Eclipse across Paris: <BR> <BR> <BR>It occurs on Wednesday the 11th, and Paris should see totality around 10:20AM.
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dan woodlief
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I guess I will restate much of what has already been said. I stayed in Paris a couple of years ago for one week (2 different hotels) and took two day trips to Chartres and Versailles. I still left lots unseen, and believe me I went with very detailed plans of what I wanted to see and how to do it. That was without children. I would think with children you would want to do even less moving around. There is easily enough in Paris alone to last at least two weeks. Unless you have a particular reason for going to Tours, skip it. I would skip Disneyland, but if your kids really want to see it, then do as someone else suggested and go as a daytrip from Paris. There are zoos, parks, a science center, and other things in Paris that may be just as interesting to your children. I would also make as much of the first day as possible. A Seine tour won't really take that long, unless you are referring to walking it. Most international flights get in pretty early. You should have time for a nap if you want and then tour, but I never sleep on the first day.
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Thomas Nastos
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Stay in Paris as long as you can.
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wes fowler
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Bridget, <BR>No one who has been to Paris can comment on another traveler's proposed itinerary with any degree of objectivity. Recognize what follows then to be biased, prejudiced and highly subjective. I think you do both you and your children a great disservice with your proposed plan. Your "week" in Paris is essentially two full days and four half days, one of which will be impacted by jet lag and another by travel to the airport for mid day departure. France's King Henry IV once said that "Paris is worth a Mass" when converting to Catholicism, though his motives were hardly pure when doing so. Paris is worth far more than the time you've allocated. Where and how will the kids be exposed to France's unique culture, its history, arts and traditions? And to what degree? Assuredly not at Eurodisney! Take them to the Concergerie and Marie Antoinette's cell and tell them about the French Revolution. Take them to the Arc d'Triomphe and explain about Napoleon, his triumphs and tragedies. Show them the statue of St. Denis on the north door of Notre Dame and explain to them why Denis holds his head in his hands. (He offered to sacrifice his life to invading vassals if they'd leave his city unharmed. Beheaded, he picked up his head and walked off to die rather giving the vassals the pleasure of seeing him die. He died on a hill north of Paris, the mountain of the martyr, Montmartre.) <BR> <BR>Shop in a charcuterie and a patisserie and gather the makings of a picnic lunch and picnic in the Tuileries by the model sailboat pool. Let the kids rent boats and race them. <BR> <BR>Visit the Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie, which kids seem to love, visit its planetarium and be prepared for the eclipse. Go to the Pompidou center and watch the musicians and buskers perform in the plaza. Take the kids to the flea market at Porte de Clignancourt for a unique experience. Travel by Metro, an experience in itself. By all means spend all of your time in Paris, savoring every minute. <BR> <BR>Upon your return home, you'll discover you have two worldly wise youngsters who have "been to Paris"; a somewhat more rewarding and enriching experience than Disney offers. <BR> <BR> <BR>
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Stay in Paris!! Everything you have been told is previous posts is oh so true. Don't use taxis. One way to really acquaint yourself with the city is to use the metro. Studying those little maps and tracking a plan is part of the fun, and then "zip" you are there! You will also be surprised how relatively close together things are.
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Frankly my dear.... <BR> <BR>.....this is just too much moving around. <BR> <BR>If this is your first trip, I would drop everything but Paris and Disney. Personally, I would just do Paris but I know you have kids along that want to go to EuroDisney. <BR> <BR>1 week is not near enough time for Paris let alone these other side trips. And with children? We just took my husbands kids (18 and 19) at spring break and I thank God we weren't moving around. We stayed put the whole week and I'm glad we did. <BR> <BR>I think it's just over-stimulating to be moving around so much. You get tired and frustrated if things go astray and then the possibility of tempers flaring increases exponentially. <BR> <BR>Just my never to be humble opinion. <BR> <BR
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I noticed both Paris hotels you are staying in are by Eiffel Tower, try different location (maybe after comming bac from Disney) Le Notre Dame Hotel is located right accross from (and with the view of) NotreDame - you also next to metro, and boat trip rides, arond the corner are restaurant row. There is also De NotreDame, so dont confuse 2. <BR>As for the Eiffel Tower are de la Boudonnaise Hotel is a nice choice - located a block away from Tower Park, with many delicatessens you can get a nice picnic going with the view of the Tower. Evenings at paris are esspecially nice. Enjoy... <BR>More time in Paris is recommended.
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Whew! I'm getting tired just imagining all that running around after an overseas flight! Agree with everyone above who recommends staying in Paris the entire time with one, or perhaps two, day trips. (You would want to arrive at Disneyland ahead of opening, as it will be very busy and tickets often sell out for the day very early.) And, with whoever suggested heading straight to Tours and spending your remaining time in Paris. However, on such a short trip, I would recommend the Open Tour as opposed to the metro - why go underground and miss all the spectacular scenery along the way! Hotel de la Bourdonnais is in a wonderful neighborhood. Take the kids to Paristoric, Napoleon's Tomb, Musee Grevin (wax museum, excellent).
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For your first visit to Paris, I'd suggest you forego the regimented schedule you've selected - be spontaneous to whatever degree you can! You could spend the entire week in the Louvre! Don't burden your family to a pre-set schedule for each day! Relax, have an impromptu picnic and just watch the people go by...
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My husband and I, and our daughters (ages 11 & 13)have just returned from a trip to England, Ireland and a short trip over to Paris. I echo the majority of the sentiments so far expressed. Forget Tours. Paris is wonderful! We didn't spend nearly enough time there! The girls had a fabulous time. We started off on an organized coach tour and ended up ditching the tour and exploring on our own. The metro is great - the girls found it a great adventure. They loved the Eiffel Tower (be sure to go to the top - what a view), The Louvre, Notre Dame... our time was far too short! We found the Parisians wonderful, and although our French is barely adequate, we gave it our our best try, and we found people very patient and helpful. <BR> <BR>But we also took in Disneyland Paris and I must say we also had a great time there too! I'm not a bit sorry for the time spent there. We also stayed at the Newport Bay which is very nice. After a hot day of walking the Park it was great to go for a dip in their beautiful indoor/outdoor pool. It is a short walk to the gates of the Park, and McDonalds is about half way between. I know, I know...McDonalds!! But it was about the cheapest meal we found for kids who've worked up a huge appetite. Eating is very expensive in Disneyland and also in Paris. No point paying a lot for food they won't eat. But if you only go to Disney for a day, the metro connection is excellent. <BR> <BR>My advice - take in Disneyland (one day should do) and spend the rest of the time in Paris! <BR>

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