To Capri, or not to Capri...

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To Capri, or not to Capri...


Vising the Amalfi and Sorrento coast this September, we had planned on spending 1 night on Capri before going to Ischia.

However, after seeing many conflicting comments, is it worth it? Hotels seem to be sky high price wise, and I am wondering whether a day trip might not do the trick just as well...

Also, another question. After 5 days in the Sorrento area, should I stay in Positano (found a cute place for 3 nights) or Amalfi (another cute residence right in the middle of the village)? We'll be wanting to see the Emerald Grotto, Ravello, Amalfi, etc.

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Unlike many on this forum, we enjoyed Capri more than the Amalfi Coast. I probably would not go for a day trip as mid day can be a bit hectic with all of the day trippers. The mornings and evenings are so worthwhile. There is plenty to do on Capri but if you only go for a day trip, much of it is not accessible in the short time you are there. I would definitely stick with your plan to spend a night on Capri - two nights if you can manage it.
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Capri can be ok off the beaten path

but for me expensive mainly tourist trappy in many areas.

Positano is a cuter town than Amalfi

hotels are still pretty high...

AARP/Expedia good central sea view rooms from 100 euro

on the Best Western there andc some others be sure

you hotel is IN town or be prepared to hike/shuttle a lot

Some super values toward Sorrento like for me

this April booked 40 euro/nt dbl

Pretty amazing deal.

Have fun,
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Definitely do it. But as some suggest do at least an overnight /2days. Plenty to see and do for 2days especially if you like scenery/hiking etc. Marvelous food. I had my birthday diner at pulalli wine bar at the clock tower. Get a table on the balcony overlooking the piazetta. Get the lemon risotto followed by the strachetti. With a suitable wine you are all set!
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I've just sent booking requests to 2 lovely B&Bs in our price range. If they have rooms available, we will spend one night in Capri. Thanks for the tip, russwuf. Lemon risotto? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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Agree to try at least 2 nights in Capri so you get a complete day. I've stayed there for a week, twice, and have alwys felt it wouldn't be much fun as a day trip - arriving at busy time, queuing up for bus/funicular, centre of Capri Town full of tour groups. But you only need to go a couple of streets away for it to be beautiful and peaceful - plus there's the rest of the island.

Ischia is wonderful too & I've spent 3 separate weeks there, but totally different from Capri.

Personally I prefer Amalfi to Positano as it is still at least in part a real town, wheras Positano (while more spectacular to look at) is all tourists. Amalfi is also better for transport connections.

I don't like Sorrento at all - a lot of cheap British package tours go there & it's a bit like an Italian Blackpool, plus it's spread over a large area so your hotel could be quite far out, plus you can't see the sea from most of the town -as it's a the cliff edge. What is your reason for wanting to stay 5 nights in the Sorrento area ? Is it to visit Pompeii, Herculaneum & Naples ? If so I'd recommend staying in Naples which is really interesting.

How many nights have you got altogether ?
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Hi Caroline!

Here is our planned itinerary:
4 nights in a villa just outside Positano or in the center of Amalfi, can't seem to decide!!!!
4 nights in Vico Aquense (vist of mount Faito, Pompei, Sorrento and general relaxation!)
1 night in Capri (although now we may want to add one if we find a nice place to stay)
3 nights in Ischia (with a possible day trip to Procida)
3 nights in Naples (with a day near Pozzuoli)
6 nights in Rome

What do you think?
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Hi ! Well you'll gather I'd go for the centre of Amalfi over outside Positano or even the centre of Positano.

Vico Equense - well, it's a lovely stretch of coastline, but any reason in particular ? Will you have a car and if not, how do you plan to visit Pompeii, Sorrento etc ? But if you are staying in Naples anyway, why not visit Pompeii from there ?

It's all down to personal choice but I would not try to fit 5 locations into your first two weeks, I'd go for a maximum of 3 locations - maybe something like 5 nights each in Naples, Ischia/Capri and Amalfi - without a car. 3 nights in Ischia is only 2 full days - would you really want to spend one visiting Procida ?

I am assuming that 6 nights in Rome is non-negotiable - but it's not too long for Rome anyway, especially if you've never been before. If possible I would do Rome first, though, as that will be the most tiring; so to get a balance of busy, tiring cities & more relaxing locations & finish with relaxing, maybe something like

- 6 nights in Rome
- 5 nights in Ischia/Capri (if Ischia, this gives enough time to include a trip to Procida)
- 5 nights in Naples (visiting Popmeii & the Phlegrean Fields if that's why you want to be near Pozzuoli)
- 5 nights in Amalfi/Positano (visiting Ravello).

Are you flying to & from Rome ? If so, what time is your flight home ?
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So many possibilities!

We are arriving in Rome, and since the jetlag is terrible from Canada for the first couple of days, we always prefer not to be in a bustling city, ergo, our choice to end with Rome. We found a highly recommended apartment beside the Vatican. We will be flying home from there.

We chose Vico Equense because we found a delightful rental with a nice terrasse and a gorgeous view that is in our price range. We like to return to a quiet apartment after a long day of sightseeing!

We also want to end with Naples since we'll take the train to Rome from there.

I must admit that Positano worries me a bit. I really don't care for knick-knack stores and tourist menus! But the apartment looks nice and it seems like a good base to see Amalfi, Ravello, Esmeralda Grotto, and also for hiking (although we'll have to pick between all the stuff we want to see)!

Here are the 2 spots that I've shortlisted:

I actually checked our itinerary and I was missing 1 night! Yay!

So 4-4-2-3-3-6 (Amalfi Coast, Vico Equense, Capri, Ischia, Naples, Rome).

Still too ambitious?
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That is a very nice itinerary - personally I prefer to stay in fewer places for longer but you are most probably more energetic than me !

I don't think you mentioned whether you will have a car - I'm assuming not & you plan to use trains, buses and/or boats ?

I would still go for the Amalfi apartment over the Positano one, for 3 reasons - 1) it's in the town so easier to wander out for a meal, drink, ice cream etc, 2) I like Amalfi better than Positano for the reason I mentioned before, 3) transport connections are better from Amalfi.

But it's all personal preference.

Where are you planning to stay in Ischia ? We have always stayed in Sant'Angelo which is the most beautiful village, but it's right at the other end of the island from the port (last stop on the main bus routes) so the extra travelling would be too much of an overhead for only 2 full days. Assuming you will stay in Ischia Porto or Ponte ?
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Thanks so much for the input, Caroline. Very useful!

So we DID finally choose Amalfi. Three nights in the Residenza Luce.

And I just reserved TWO nights in Capri in B&B Aiano which looks perfect for us.

For Ischia, we haven't done much research yet, but found these two available for three nights:

I think our Ischia stay will have one priority: RELAXATION (and food, always).

Where do you think you should stay in Ischia?
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I know you won't regret it !

As per my comment on your other thread, for a short stay I'd advise staying in Ischia Porto ideally, or Ischia Ponte if you really want to. I'd go for the castle - have always fancied staying there & everyone who does seems to rave about it.

We've always stayed in Sant'Angelo which is beautiful - and the 2nd & 3rd times we didn't even leave the village - but can take over an hour by bus from the port.
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The castle it will be then!

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A little off topic, but I wanted to heartily suggest this place we stayed in for your 3 nights in Naples. I cannot say enough good about it - price, value, location, rooms, and charm.
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