Thoughts on our itinerary

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Burg Colmberg, excellent suggestion. Thank you, I may just have to check this one out next summer.

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I really envy you. Immenstadt is in my favorite part of Germany, the Oberallgäu, particularly the Illertal.

On four occasions I have spent a week in Fischen. I always get an Oberallgäu pass so I have unlimited use of all the transportation in the area. I usually come out to Immenstadt at least once to have lunch at Drei König. My wife likes to browse the Red Cross shop there.

With the Oberallgäu pass it costs only €2 more for an anschluss ticket for the bus to go all the way to Füssen.

I just love that area. I think the next trip I will spend some time in Pfronten.
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Larry, there really are many nice spots in the Allgaeu. I assume you know that the Sonnenalp in Fischen and the one in Vail are "twins".

SAs you, I also like the area around Pfronten. Another favorite part is around Lindenberg, and from there taking trips along the "Kaesestrasse" into the Bregenzer Wald.

I didn't even know about the existence of the Oberallgaeu Pass until you mentioned it. Since I left Immmenstadt, many years ago, whenever I visit there for class reunions, etc. I always drive.

Incidentally, a former classmate recently gave me a copy of "Schussfahrt", an Allgaeu Krimi by Nicola Foerg. If you speak German and the Allgaeu dialect, you probably would have fun reading it.

Where do you live in CO? I live in the Springs.
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I was not aware of any association between the Sonnenalpen. Both are out of my price range. I usually stay at Pension Bergheimat (Kees) in Fischen.

I have been through Pfronten three times, twice on the bus to Fischen and once on the way to Garmisch via the Ausserfernbahn.

I live in Denver metro area and used to belong to the T.E.V. Edelweiss. I really struggle to speak German, but not so much that I don't enjoy it when I find myself somewhere where they don't speak English.

Write to me offline at [email protected].
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Sorry, I've been through Pfronten three times, twice on the bus from Fischen to Füssen, once on the train.
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Your itinerary is doable but it is a lot of driving. How old are your kids? Is your whole 4 week itinerary like the Germany part? Are you driving every day to a new town?

When we go to Europe with our kids, we try to stay in some locations for more than one night so we don't have to check in and out of a new hotel every day (and it cuts down on time in the car).

Have fun. My kids loved Germany.
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If I were to plan 6 nights in Germany flying into Frankfurt and determined to visit Fussen, it would be very different from the itinerary you've given so instead of commenting on that here's what I would do -

Day 1: Fly into Frankfurt
Day 2: Drive to Rothenberg along the Romantic Strasse. Overnight at Rothenberg.
Day 3: Drive to Munich along Romantic Strasse. Evening and Overnight in Munich
Day 4: Munich
Day 5: Day trip to Fussen, exploration of Bavarian Alps, driving upwards to overnight at Ulm or vicinity
Day 6: Drive north towards Heidelberg doing the Neckar drive. Overnight at Heidelberg
Day 7: Fly out

This looks a little rushed but is a very doable trip. I've done it myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. The key message - if you're traveling all the way to Bavaria spend time on the romantic strasse and in Munich.
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Thanks to all who have written. Our sons are 14 and 10.The other parts of the trip aren't as chaotic.

We have all the German hotels booked, so we are hoping to change a little bit, here and there, but not the whole trip.

1) Speyer and Heidelberg. Sounds like we should do the Rhein, instead.

2) How is the Stuttgart Fossil Museum? If we don't spend the night in Stuttgart, won't we be backtracking by spending it in Tubingen, when we go to the Mercedes Museum? We thought we would be arriving late, and staying in Stuttgart, seemed to be convenient. However, it sounds like everyone thinks we should stay in Tubingen, the two nights.

3) I am working on my husband, for Ludwig's castle. He seems to think this is the most outstanding castle in Germany and we shouldn't miss it. If we do miss it, it sounds like we should head right to Colmberg.

4) I didn't realize Lichtenstein and Hohenzollern were rebuilt castles. Should we skip them?

4) Where should we spend the last night? We fly home at 1:45 PM, the next day. We would be coming from Wurzburg. Should we head to the Rhein, especially if we aren't able to change our other reservations or is that too risky?I've heard Miltenberg, but can't seem to find too much on it. We are currently booked in Mainz, but I was wondering if we should switch to Frankfurt.

5) Where should we return the rental car? We are scheduled to return it to the Frankfurt Airport, but it sounds like we should return it some other place, and take the train in. Should we return it in Mainz? Should we spend the night in Frankfurt and return it there and take the train in?

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