thinking about moving to paris...

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I don't know why I just spent time reading all this, but it certainly seems clear to me that Tracy DOES in fact desperately care what others think and say about her, even complete strangers on the net, or she wouldn't be responding here every five minutes to every bit of bait that comes her way. Perhaps her time could be better spent actually researching this on her own rather than asking everyone to do it FOR her.

Whoa, look out, here comes another diatribe from Miss I Couldn't Care Less What Anyone Thinks, who cares SO much that she can't stand not having the last word on this important internet forum.
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don't mind them
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Tracy, you implied that you're through with these people, I personally would be too. But, if you're still reading this, remember that people are brave as heck and have a lot of crap to say when they don't have to say it to your face! These people wouldn't have said a thing if they had to say it to your face, or knew that they might come face-to-face with you tomorrow! Believe that!

People lay it to rest! I agree, you're blowing this mess way out of proportion. It's silly.
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c'est ne pas grand chose, adieu.
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Who's gonna bet that Tracy is just DYING to answer back?? I bet she's still reading this thread. For someone whose ONLY visit to Paris came about after a asking a lot of advice from this forum and who later would like to live there, again ASKING on how to do it without even researching for herself first, makes me think that this is indeed a very spoiled person!! Good luck to you. I hope your trip would be an eye-opener for brats like you!!
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Tracy never mind the cranky people, if you have the means and the inclination, as well as the freedom of youth, go for it! At thirty you won't regret going, but you will regret NOT going. Just be sure you don't have a romantised ideal of what living abroad is like. Have a blast!
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What an entertaining thread! One practical suggestion: If money is no object, I would recommend using a relocation service in Paris, such as Cosmopolitan Services Unlimited. (There are several others that I'm sure you can find on the internet). They will take care of all the practicalities for you, including a work permit, apartment search, setting up utilities, etc. Usually, of course, they work for corporations relocating employees to Paris. But I'm sure they'd be willing to work for an individual. It will cost you about $2K.
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Man has worshipped some form of "god" since he could think, whether it be the sun god, moon good, thor, wooden, etc. And it all stems from man's fear of what he doesn't understand. Now that much of nature can be explaned, man's main concern now is "what happens when I die?" And in the majority of the Western world, the answer is, "well, if you're good and you accept god you'll go to a wonderful place where you'll be reunited with all your loved ones and you'll live blissfully for ever and ever and ever." This is simply a rather silly way for man to assuage his fears of the termination of his existence when he dies. Doesn't it sound just a little too perfect?

Worshipping some unseen god today is no different from our ancestors worshipping the sun thousands of years ago. It's just as futile.
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I hate to drag this lovely discussion back into the realm of the realistic - but I've tried the same thing. My company is also the largest in the world in its field, and has international assignments, and has an office in Paris. You are NOT going there unless you speak fluent French (and I mean really high grade!) and you have some sort of extraordinary skill that can't be performed by a French native. So if money is no object, forget trying to get a job there - it's pretty difficult. Now beat me for my negative vibe
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Be sure to check out the constraints you may have for long stays with your passport, or with your visa in case you don't go with a job in hand. Some say 3 months some say 6 months with just the passport w/o working of course.
Be sure to say bonjour often.
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Tracy, other than the practical aspects many have responded to, a year in Paris would be wonderful. Paris is not NYC as for cultural and other things to do, but does have a romantic charm that cannot be found any other place. I lived there for one year which was not long enough and I would return in a heart beat. I did not have to find a job since I was on an international assignment for a large American firm. My work permit did take several months .... the french have to ensure through advertisements that you are not taking a job from a local, but I did work during the interim. My french is very minimal and it wasn't a real problem. My company did employ a local office (run by an American ex-pat) to help me find an apartment, but I also found several on my own. I purchased a new car in Germany through their European Delivery program which allowed me to drive for 12 months without getting involved with the french paperwork or requiring a french driver's license. I did live in Germany the prior year and traded in my car for a new one for my year in Paris and I suppose you could repeat the process ad infitum if you desired. All in all, it wasn't as difficult as many would have you believe to live in Paris. Perhaps I was lucky. I don't know, but I wouldn't have traded that year for anything. Go for it. Enjoy!
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t oldham
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Moving to Paris for a while can be great fun--it is a magical city--I lived there for about 6 months once and lived in a cheap hotel and studied at the alliance Francaise. I found it a bit hard to meet peope, at least in part because my french was not great--if you can get transferred with your job, that would be a nice entre to meet people--but of course there are people from many countries in paris and many of them speak english
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I can't believe the amount of people on this post that have tried to tear down Tracy's dream (for whatever insignificant reason).

These people aren't able to actually tear down your dream, as you know, and so it's like watching someone grasp at the silliest and most insignificant things they can come up with to tear someone down and step on their feelings. When they can't come up with anything, they just make it up! Whatever happened to tolerance and respect for people's feelings? When did this message board revert to play hour and silly nickname calling? I think many of you put others down in order to feel more powerful, or better in some way. (and this is just my 7 year old cousin)!

Tracy, don't let these negative comments affect your heart. It's the bravest people who don't believe the things people tell them are impossible are truly impossible. They keep going in the face of diversity. This is courage. They end up having full and happy hearts, and can share this with others.

There are many people out here who see you for who you are, and are willing to support your dream! So, I wish you goodluck!

P.S. If your heart is open, nothing is impossible!

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Hey, when you post ASKING for opinions, guess what? You're going to GET them! Slamming people when they offer opinions which disagree with your preconceived notions is rude and crude. Thank everyone for their input, glean what you will and move on. To single out only people with whom you agree to thank is immature and ungrateful. Many people are simply trying to offer the benefit of their wisdom and years, since you did in fact ASK. If you disagree, keep it to yourself, thank them and do what you want, since you will anyway, regardless of what anyone posts.
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"Ask, and ye shall receive."

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