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Has anyone ever stayed in the Ice Hotel that is open every winter? I think it is in Sweden, but not sure. I know I have read about it in magazines.

I see where there is now one in Quebec just outside of Quebec city.
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Topped a thread for you.
Haven't heard about the one in Canada, but that would be great!
not having to fly overseas to stay in one.
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Curious, you read my mind --- driving to work yesterday & radio dj was talking about the Ice Hotel in Sweden. He couldn't pronounce the name of the town where it's located, long & multi-syllabic. Whatever it is, it's very far north --- approx 125 miles from the Artic Circle (or maybe it was 125 miles In the circle). ANYHOW, it popped to mind whether any of our fodorites have actually been there.

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I believe it's in Jukkasjärvi in Swedish Lapland. Sorry, haven't stayed there. Hotel de Glace Canada, in Quebec, is supposed to open in January.
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Hi Curious,
I can help you with that, we are a scandinavian tour operator her in the usa. let me know if you want me to fax over our package. It includes- transfers, and snowmobiling. It is a really great place to go. We also have a web site-
Look on the winter packages page.
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official website

english icon on top left hand side

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There is one in Greenland too - Greenland tourist board has details..
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A friend sent article from Oregonian newspaper on LumiLinna Snow Castle in Finland (in Kemi, just south of the Arctic Circle). Hotel is built from scratch every year in time for February opening. The compound includes a restaurant, art gallery & church (weddings!).
The room temperature "was a degree or so below freezing & yes, when we first crawled into bed a chill seeped through from beneath us & we were cold. But slowly our body heat warmed things up & we drifted off to sleep. The next morning we discovered the only really warm place in the hotel, the portable toilet set up in an adjoining room."
Each year's hotel has a different theme. "For us, it was a medieval castle that covered 24,000 square feet, stood 36 feet high & used 25,000 cubic yards of snow."
When the season ends in mid-April, the snow castle starts to melt. Then they push what's left into the sea.
the paper sites: &,, (Sweden),
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My dad visited here a couple years ago, ubt in the event, was not recommended to sleep overnight in the ice hotel itself as his sleeping bag was not sufficient. Instead he slept in some regular rooms in a building next door.

I would recommend that if you want to stay overnight you check their info on sleeping bag guidelines and ensure you have an adequate one.
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Don't forget that in March Paris and Amsterdam are likely to be on the chilly side (just slightly warmer than NYC), so you will need a warm jacket, just in case.

Of course you can wear whatever you like to museums. You'll find Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome very similar to NYC in terms of dress conventions, perhaps slightly more 'chic'. Nice is more of a holiday town so you can be more casual, and in Lourdes expect a lot of dodgy baseball hats and matching t-shirts.
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My computers doing something weird - that was meant for another post.

What I meant to say was that I went to the Ice Hotel in January. You don't need to take a sleeping bag, or even specialist clothing - they supply everything. The original ice hotel is in Jukkasjarvi (pronounced Yookasyarvy) in Sweden, INSIDE the Arctic Circle. There is also one in Canada (an off-shoot of the one in sweden).

Package holidays there are outrageously expensive. It's MUCH cheaper to do it yourself (I saved about £500 - $750??) by booking everything separately. I got a great deal on the flights (from the UK) by booking direct with SAS airlines - a kind of rover ticket which allowed us to fly from London to stockholm, then to the ice hotel, back to stockholm, then to helsinki, and back to london all for less than the price of a standard return flight from London to Stockholm.

Any info needed, please ask
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already in the
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Sitting here in Minneapolis, Minnesota with walls of snow 6 feet high surrounding us, icicles 3 feet long hanging from my roof, anticipating my journey out of this hellhole in a mere couple of days, THIS EXPERIENCE IS TOTALLY BEYOND ME!!!

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