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The debate on which type of carry on to bring? Advice!

The debate on which type of carry on to bring? Advice!

Oct 5th, 1997, 06:07 PM
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The debate on which type of carry on to bring? Advice!

This is the first time my hubby and i will be going to Euopre (Rome,Venice, Switzerland,Paris, London)n we are backpacking (sort of). Bought a Eurorail ticket n travelling to the above place. Advice appreciated on whether its possible to lug a 25" luggage with wheels on to the train and as we bum our way to the hotels and stuff by metro, walking there. Thanks. Kara
Oct 5th, 1997, 06:16 PM
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There is a very good message board in eurotrip which leans more towards backpacking type of trips etc. They have their message boards dividided into subjects and I was in there a 10 days ago and found a really good discussion going on luggage/backpacks. I was going to print it out and forgot but its still there. Go into www.eurotrip.com Have fun!
Oct 5th, 1997, 09:22 PM
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Yes it is a good idea. I've taken the railways there and one does considerable walking in the station and on the platforms both when leaving and arriving so having the weight borne by wheels is definitely a relief. The compartments have overhead racks as wide as the compartments do there is plenty of room to store them in the compartment. Be sure the bag is designed for airplane under-the-seat storage as you often have to go down aisles but I think this should be axiomatic. Good luck.
Oct 5th, 1997, 09:26 PM
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Be sure to watch out for pickpockets within and outside the stations and groups (whole families including young children) of gypsies who will attempt to surround you and steal things right off your person. Be wary on escalators as they ride right behind you and reach into purses and pockets. Carry your valuables inside your clothes. Men can stuff things in their socks (an old navy trick) and things will also be safe there (no dwarf pickpockets that I am aware of).
Oct 6th, 1997, 06:34 PM
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Dear Kara: I agree with all the foregoing advice and have one additional bit: try to get your stuff into a 21-inch case with wheels. What the other travelers haven't mentioned (but have experienced, I'm sure) is the fact that you must pull yourself AND your luggage UP the steps of trains and the gang-planks of ferries (if you don't cross the Channel the easy way via the Eurostar). A 25-inch case is quite a bit heavier than a 21-inch one. But good luck and have a good trip! Joan
Oct 6th, 1997, 07:32 PM
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Hi Kara. I too am going to Europe and wish to take only a carry-on to save time and hassle. So I have taken a luggage and travel seminar, and learned a LOT. Apparently the standard size of carry-on bag, which has to fit under the seat, is 9"x16"x24". That is for all standard airlines. But, if you go charter, the size is a little bit smaller, which is a major hassle if you're just carrying one carry-on bag. Also, British Airways lets you have the regular dimensions, but when you leave the U.K., they only allow a 10 lb. carry-on bag, (which is ridiculous really, my purse weighs more than that!) so you'd have to check your carry-on coming home, which really defeats part of the purpose, which is not having to wait for luggage. The best carry-on for travellers like us is the convertible back-pack. the backpack straps are hidden, so you can carry it like a suitcase if you want to. It sounds likea really good one is the "Outbound Safari Travel Pack", which has a convertible nylon day-pack, which, when you detach it, makes the bag fit in the standard under seat size. $199.00 If you're going charter, the best one looks like the "Tahoe, SUR:5:AL , just a smaller version of the one before. $79.00 If you do get a bag with wheels, make sure the wheels are protected, and are recessed into the bag, otherwise they get damaged really, really easily, and then you're kinda screwed. If you learn how to pack correctly, it is quite easy to get all your stuff into one carry-on bag. I believe Fodors has a link to how the Compleat Packer, and how to pack effectively. Have a great time!!!

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