Shared Bath

Oct 3rd, 1997, 05:12 PM
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Shared Bath

Since the other posting got no response, I will ask it this way. I will be staying at the Regent Palace Hotel at Piccadilly Circus in November. It is my first experience with a large hotel (780 rooms) and shared baths. How does it work and how well does it work? I am a male traveling alone.
Oct 3rd, 1997, 06:16 PM
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You'll be fine. Did it in Holland and no one was ever in them. They had separate facilites for men and women. Nice and clean. Two showers and a sink and mirror. The "toilettes' were in a separate room. My room where I slept had its own sink and mirrow and a little table and chair and a little bench, a cot type bed with heavy foam mattress with a big comforter and pillow. Not heaven, but comfy.
I stayed where the natives stayed- no Americans-thought I would be fighting for a shower but always had it to myself-especially if I took it in the evening. You will probably have more Americans and a little more crowding- if worried call or fax the hotel and ask them if there is a problem and what the shower/people ratio is in each section or on each floor (however they do it). Our maids had a wet/dry vac and took very good care of it.
Oct 6th, 1997, 07:05 PM
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Dear Mike: I agree with Tricia above--you should be fine. The Regent Palace is a BIG hotel and I'm surprised they still have shared baths; but take a pair of slippers and a light robe with you (there will be a hook for it inside the bathroom) to go from your room to the bathroom. You'll be able to lock the door from the inside so privacy isn't a problem. Lock your room door when you go down the hall and take the key with you.
Remember that neither British nor European hotels supply washcloths; towels are provided but are usually pretty skimpy by US standards--as is the tiny bar of soap. You may wish to bring your own--or you may wish to settle for what my mother always called a "sponge bath" in the basin in the room. Not quite as cleansing as an actual bath or shower but better than nothing at all. Happy trails. Joan
Oct 7th, 1997, 04:33 PM
Mike Long
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Thanks for your reply. I take it you know the Regent Palace. Tell me all about it. I am sooooo excited about going.
Oct 8th, 1997, 04:20 PM
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Dear Mike: No, I've not been IN it--just walked past it many times and (like Tricia) have dealt with the shared bath situation in other places--including other places in England. I think you have every right to be excited. London is a fabulous place and you'll realize as you fly home that you didn't allot near enough time and will be planning your NEXT visit there.
My sister lives in London--so I've not had to stay at a hotel there in many years (like 20); but I go regularly and if there's any other information I can give you, E-mail me direct. Joan

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