The Climate?-Please read and answer!:)

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The Climate?-Please read and answer!:)

What is the temperature in Paris, France in March usually? What is the best month to go to Paris.
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I was in Paris March of this year, at the end of the month. It was pretty cold and rainy 4 out of 5 days. High temps were about in the mid 50's.

I personally think that anytime would be the best time to go to Paris next time I go I would like for it to be warmer, although I understand the hotels are not always offering A/C.
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I was also in Paris this past March 16-22. It was chilly and rainy for about 70% of the time we were there. But when the sun broke through, it was absolutely gorgeous. Next trip, I will probably book for May, just to have warmer temps. and maybe not as much rain. Also, in mid-march all of the flowers in the gardens haven't begun to bloom, so maybe that's another reason to wait a month or two. All in all, we had a great time and the weather did not slow us down. In my opinion, any time is a good time for Paris!
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The average temps in Paris in March are highs of 50/53F and lows of 37/40F. Average precipation is 2.2 inches. I have never been in March. I was there in May and in July. May was nice, July was very hot.
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I would say the best months to go to Paris are May and September - great temps and fewer tourists. I've been in mid to late May twice, and the weather could not be beat - 75 and sunny.
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I'm often in Paris in March, and I've seen everything fom snowsqualls to sleeveless shirt weather. Normally, though, it's chilly and rainy. Also, there are lots of school groups there at that time, which can make for longer lines at the museums than you might expect. Anytime of year is great in Paris, but if I had a choice I think I'd go in May or September.
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in my opinion Paris has extremely fickle weather. June,July and August would probably be best for weather, worst for crowds. In Aug, some restaurants are closed. Second-best weather would be, I think, Sept to early Oct.
After that, May, I guess, except I was there one memorable last week of May in which it rained every day and the temps were only in the 50s.
For historical weather data,
Unless you are going for gardens, don't necessarily plan around the weather. Many of the delights of Paris have little to do with the weather, thankfully.
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There is a good weather link (to Meteo France, I think) on which includes charts with historical avgs for temps and precipitation. Yahoo weather also has historical avgs.

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