The Best Fish & Chips in London???

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The Best Fish & Chips in London???

I'm looking for the best Fish & Chips in London. Any recommendations?

This has actually become a lifelong study. I've been to London twice so far and tried several favorites including Geale's, Rock & Sole Plaice and many of the pubs.

My two worldwide favorites to date have been Leo Burdock's in Dublin (especially the salmon) and Elephant & Castle in Toronto (done with halibut).

We're going to London again in January. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Well . . Geales get my vote for the best in London, SeaShells, at Lisson Grove, is a close second. . try to get to both when ever I find myself in London.

The Haddock is my favorite in either place.

Enjoy . . I may be there in late January myself!

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Hi George,
My vote is for the Sea Shell on Lisson Grove also. It is just around the corner from Marylebone Station. The line of taxis around the Sea Shell attest to the best F & C in London. The cabbies know where to go. I also like the North Sea Restaurant. I believe it is on Leigh St. near Bloomsbury.
I went to Geale's and the service was so slow that I paid for my soda and left after 30 minutes. So, I never got a chance to try their F & C. The mgr was very apologetic but it left me with a bad impression.
Enjoy London.
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Rich and Pat, how long ago was it that you ate at the Sea Shell?. We drove down there after not visiting for years and the one we knew was was on a corner and was a favoutite of Prince Charles among others who used it. I have eaten at the North Star in Leigh Street and always enjoy the haddock.
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Bruce Hayes
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Another vote for the Sea Shell on Lisson Grove. My wife and I ate there last September and had a great time. Loved the spotted dick for dessert!
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Posts: n/a Spetember do you mean last month...if so I will go looking in Lisson Grove again.
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George: The best fish and chip shop in London is the Upper St. Fish Shop, at 324 Upper St., Islington NW1
Tel: (area code has recently changed and I don't know it), local # is 359-1401). Tube: Angel
Any passerby can point you to Upper St.. The fish is crisp (I found Sea Shell to be a bit greasy) and very fresh. Try the plaice - a flounder-like fish, which is hard to find here, at least where I live.
This restaurant isn't fancy, but it isn't cheap either. I don't mind spending 8 pounds (well, yes, I do a bit) on good food and happily go back time and again when I'm in London.

Let me know if you try Upper St.

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Another thumbs down for Geales'. Not only was the service slow as mentioned above, but our fish was stone cold, rather overcooked and dry, and the chips were terribly greasy and soggy. We found it the most disappointing fish and chips we've ever had in London, and couldn't imagine why it was so highly recommended.
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Say it ain't so . . a bad report on Geale's? ? I'll have to try it again to beleive it. Actually, it did change hands about two yeas ago (I think), but the last time I went (Nov 2000) it was as good as it was when I lived there in the 80's.

Ate at Sea Shell last month . . was there on a Monday an Geale's is closed Mondays so went to Sea Shell. It was open then.

There used to be a place called the Golden Hind, that was as good a frying shop as there was, but it also changed hands and the last time I ate there it was not good at all.

It would be a shame if Geale's has followed suite.

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I visited Geale's in August and it was very good. I think any bad experiences were definitely the exception.
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Apparently this place has won awards?

Has any been here?

67-69 Norwood Road SE24
020 8671 8259

London Evening Standard Review

<Look for Ollies at the bottom>


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