teacher exchange with 13 yr.old

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teacher exchange with 13 yr.old

I ma looking for input from parents who travel. I have applied for a teacher exchange to Europe. I am planning to take my 13 yr. old daughter with me for a year. I think it is an incredible opportunity. My son thinks he needs to tell me what a bad idea it is. He is 19. She does not want to go. What do you think?
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Teenagers perceptions tend to be clouded by their immediate desires, such as not leaving behind school and friends. And, would you be going to a coutry where english is not predominant? The idea of having to learn (put up with) another language could be putting her off too.

Also consider, your daughter may have struck a deal with her brother to argue her side against you. Or, at 19, he simply doesn't understand the possible wealth of experience either.

You are probably right about it being a great opportunity for your daughter, as long as it is not some mid-evil town like Rottenburg. I suggest sticking to the lesser-evil towns. gt;
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As an American ex-pat in Rome for 6 years, I remember meeting a lot of miserable middle schoolers whose parents thought they were providing a wonderful experience. At the very least, factor in the cost of a private American school for your daughter. Best of all would be to defer your plans until she can either share in the excitement or stay home (probably in college) without you. It's hard enough for lots of kids just to be a teenager without the added pressure of trying to learn a new language and new ways of doing everything. I now live for travelling, and truly cherish the memories of my years abroad, but I can remember 13 well enough to know I would have hated it. A vacation, sure! But not a year.
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I have a feeling your 19 year old son might be more supportive of your trip if he were included in some way. Can he visit you for Christmas and/or spring break.He is probably feeling both jealous and left out.Plan an exciting trip for the three of you to do when he comes to visit.I think he might start thinking positively about the whole idea if he can take part in it , too.

As for your 13 year old daughter, if there are ways that you can include her in the planning as much as possible, she will probably get to feeling more positive or even excited about the trip.
Let her write off to get packages of information from the cities you are considering.Find her a penpal there.Get books and movies about the area.Ask a librarian for help in getting information that might appeal to a young teenager.Take your children to eat at a French, Italian, or whatever, restaurant.
I think it sounds like a great opportunity for all of you.
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Hi Lesley,

I took my two daughters to Paris last spring-ages 9 and 13. My 13 yr. old looked at the city and said"I thought it would be's just a big city!" Then, after chocolate croissant, the Louvre, and the many awesome aspects of France, she is now a ready traveller and wishes to move to Europe, which we are trying to make a reality. My daughter would love to E-mail your daughter and talk about this trip. My kids are pretty interesting, and have learned to be open to new experiences. I say, go for it, and it will work out. We all need a nudge now and then!

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I took my then 13 and 17 year olds on a trip to Europe and they were kind of iffy too, although it was not for a year. Got them to Holland they loved it. Its probably the closest to American culture- and most everyone speaks English but different enough to be fun. If Holland was your homebase and she went to school there then you could take side trips to other countries. I have a newphew in Holland and he just went skiing in Austria and the year before he went to Athens. Tell your daughter to see the photos of Terschelling (its an island where all the teens go in the summer time - lots of teens from Germany too!) on my website
tell her to go to the island and see my brother - he works on the 400 year old Brandaris lighthouse- she can bike ride all over the island and she can even go pubbin at night- very safe- as an Americna mother I was so worried I crashed the pubs my kids were in and felt ridiculous after seeing how great it all was. The kids ride their bikes home, singing songs, arms around each other and waving at me, mother hen, as they rode by!

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