Taxi in Paris for 5

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Taxi in Paris for 5

Hi everyone ,

I am traveling with my parents and two 9 year olds to Paris

My parents cannot walk too much so was wanting to take a taxi for short distances but have just been told that one cannot hail a cab for five even if it is 3 adults and two kids .

Is that true ?

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In theory, you can hail a cab if you're within 50 meters of a taxi stand, but it doesn't always work out that way, and taxi stands aren't all that prevalent. Just standing on a busy street trying to hail a cab does not work. You can walk to a taxi stand or call Taxi G7 or Taxi Bleu if you want to get picked up. There will be an extra charge for the taxi to come to you from wherever it is.

It has nothing to do with how many people you have. There are plenty of taxis that hold five people.
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Definitely go to a taxi stand (there are usually taxis at them in the center in busy areas, not always elsewhere), unless you are talking about having a hotel or some establishment call one for you. It's not like New York, where you just wave your hand out in the street anywhere.

I think the issue with five people that you were told may have had to do with the regulation that taxis are not required to take you if there are five people (although they can). Taxis by law are not supposed to refuse anyone (but it can happen for short distances, did to me), but can refuse large parties (greater than four people), legally. There is a 3 euro per person supplement over the fare for more than 3 people.

So you could have someone refuse your party of 5, and it would be legal. They might do that if they didn't think their car was large enough, of course. They could have other reasons but legally, they can do it.
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thank you .

So that means that one can find taxis who will take the whole party at a stand .
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Don't underestimate the value of the Parisian bus network. Buses go everywhere, accept the same tickets as does the metro, and are very easy to access, no stairways.

There are few taxis in Paris which could not easily accept 5 passengers but there is an additional charge, on top of the fare, of 3€ each for 4th and 5th passengers.
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So you are saying that most taxis in Paris have room for six people, including the driver?
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Parisian taxis can hold up to 7 passengers but there is an additional charge for passengers in excess of 3.

If you want to arrange for a taxi the Taxi G7 number, for calls in English, is: 01 41 27 66 99

Tell the operator how many are in your party and they will send an appropriately sized taxi. There is no additional charge, other than that which has already been outlined, for larger vehicles.
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Pay attention to the post about the buses--they are great!!
At the airport, there would not be a problem getting a van type vehicle. On the streets, I think it may be more problematic.
I believe on the bus and metro map of Paris, taxi stands are also shown.
We have often travelled as a party of 4 and were able to sit the 4th person in the front seat--with the additional charge.
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Sarastro - I don't think you're being completely honest in saying that most Parisian taxis have room for six people including the driver.

In my experience of taking taxis in Paris, the usual taxi is a standard saloon car with a maximum of five seats. Every time I've needed a cab for five people I've had to request a people carrier sized taxi, or take two taxis.

Whilst I'm sure it's true that Parisian taxis can legally carry up to seven passengers, the reality is that the majority of them can only carry four paying passengers.
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I think Jay is closer to correct. But the number for calling a proper size taxi is good to know also.
When we have arranged for a taxi for 4 plus baggage to the airport, we did it through our hotel desk to get a large enough vehicle.
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I'm usually alone but I don't think the taxis I've gotten are that unusual, they are just cars and certainly could not take 6. They can only take 4 (3 in the back, one by the driver), presuming few drivers want to cram 2 people next to him on the front street.

I don't think it would be cost efficient for most taxis to be large cars that could fit 7 people.
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