Swiss franc

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Swiss franc

I have always heard thT Switzerland is very expensive. I know that the euro is very favorable now but that Switzerland is not on the euro. I know nothing about the Swiss franc, is it more favorable now ? Would someone please educate me.
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There is no link between EUR and CHF. You may have a look at
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Yes, I know there is no link but has the Swiss franc also flallen in value, is it also more favorable to travel there now based on their dollar's value?
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If you use the google thing that somepeople have on their computer you will see that the currency are basically 1:1 today.

I'd use the Macdo hamburger converter and you will find this is one expensive place.
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The Swiss Franc is at a very favorable rate for our dollars right now. Hoping this lasts or even improves more in the next two weeks while I will be there!!!

That said, my first trip to Switzerland was in 1984 and the dollar bought 2.5 francs. I doubt we would ever see that rate again. 1:1 is so much better than the 1.14 we had to pay last year.

People are flocking to Europe to take advantage of the exchange rates. I've watched my flight to Zurich go from a half full flight to virtually every seat taken, all sincerely the rates have improved.
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If this is an empirical question, you can find the answer in seconds by googling "1 CHF dollar historical" and the first result shows you the historical rates going back 10 years.

You might be only interested currently about the exchange angle, but there are changes I see that makes me want to travel to Switzerland sooner than later for a different reason. Over years of traveling to Switzerland, I see major increase in aggressive tourists from certain countries who run around trains, boats, and viewing decks with selfie sticks in big groups. The forecast is for these type of travelers to double in next decades. What once were pleasant stops now feel more like grotesquely touristy area in Niagara Falls.
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Unfortunately Greg, I experienced the same rudeness last fall. It was so over the top as to ruin certain experiences.
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We are in Switzerland now and the amount of rude, selfie stick toting packs of tourists is amazing! Yesterday we rerouted our trip just to avoid being on a train with a swarm of them. Theses groups have no courtesy. It was extremely difficult just walking around Gruyeres village with all of them posing for selfies and taking group shots at every interesting site. I just got rude and barged my way thru, guess I ended up being in some of their pictures!
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"the amount of rude, selfie stick toting packs of tourists"
from where?
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Exchange rates are only part of the story. The other half of the equation is how Swiss businesses react.

Once the Swiss Central Bank abandoned its peg to the euro, Switzerland became much more expensive for Europeans (with the franc gaining against euro). If, for example, Swiss hotels find that they have to cut their prices (in francs) in order to retain business from folks who live in Eurozone countries, then foreign tourists travelling to Switzerland will see a benefit. The franc might fluctuate against other currencies without it having much effect on Swiss businesses (for example, what the franc does against the dollar might effect a business that relies on exports to the US, but it might not affect a hotel that only has a small percentage of business coming from the US).

Last year, I made a budget for a Swiss trip, expecting to go this summer, but I have had to put that off a year. Still, I went back and looked at the numbers after the Swiss Central Bank announcement and it did seem that prices for the hotels I was interested in were either the same or, in a number of cases, lower (in francs) than they were a year ago. Selfishly, my hope is that this trend continues--that the weakness of the euro against the franc forces the Swiss tourism industry to lower prices so that they don't lose business to Eurozone countries.
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I just wonder why Pocono whatever failed to tell us what she was dying to: their ethnic origin.

As of today the CHF is at $1.03 whereas the Euro is $1.09
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It's expensive but it's worth it.
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To clarify my position, It doesn't matter to me what nationality, ethnicity, gender or race a GROUP is, I can't stand if when there are swarms of people all congregating around. They adopt a herd mentality and have no courtesy for anyone outside of their group. It used to be bad enough when the group was shooting photos, now they are shooting photos, using their phone to take pictures and videos and then getting in everyone's way with the blasted selfie sticks. I understand that groups have been coming to Europe to tour for decades but in the good old days they didn't have a stick hitting you in the face every time you turn around!
To answer Dukey 1 coment, they were Asians, but there was a swarm of South Americans on our Lake Lucerne boat trip that were just as, or more annoying. For 11/2 hours at least 30 obnoxious Columbians were hanging off the side of the boat, standing on chairs, laying on benches in compromising positions and telling other travelers to move because they were in their way of their pictures. I got whacked in the back of the head with a selfie stick and the owner gave me the finger when I turned to look at her. Guess I'm getting too old to put up with others ignorance without being annoyed.
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Poconolady: may be the next time you visit the real gems of Switzerland (instead of tourist traps) and you will find no big groups.
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It was this same "group think" (get out of our way!) that made my visit to Florence less relaxing and lovely than I would've wanted it to be! I can understand what Poconolady is saying. Ugh....

Heading to Luzern tomorrow and do not plan to visit tourist areas since I've been going there for years, often twice a year.
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OK here goes. I found the selfie stick users were Asian. Which doesn't mean others don't do it, just that that has been the majority. I think some place re actually banning them now. Ii know Yellowstone has banned drones. (For those who don't know, yes, you can get your own now.)
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Europe is getting a lot of Asian groups at the moment.
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To answer your question, CHF is very expensive.
a lot of Europeans have actually cancelled their ski holidays, even if as said above, a lot of hotels decrease their price to retain us. Switzerland is actually facing a problem as their exports are plumetting - but this is another story.
So as you seem to be from the US - you will encounter a lot less tourists from Eurozone.
I will certainly not go to Switzerland anytime soon...
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I've just cjecked the BBC financial pages, I know it's not the best but it is an idea. Against the £ sterling it is at the same rate as last year,so unless Swiss prices have increased greatly I'm happy.
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