Studying Abroad

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Studying Abroad

I'm looking to study abroad to improve my French language skills. There is a program in Brussels that I'm interested in, but I was wondering how similar Belgian French is to France's French? How is the city itself? I'm not much of a city person, but I'm looking to study somewhere where I can be totally immersed in an amazing culture. I'd love to hear from anyone who has visited/studied in Brussels. Thanks so much!

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At the moment I'm going to Brussels a couple of times a month. I love the city. It's small enough to get around easily, has a lovely old town, great restaurants, comopolitan life because of the EU, and as far as I can tell, the French is entirely French
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Brussels may be considered a francophone city but it seemed to me that more people spoke flemish. Its really not that great of a city to tell you the truth. I find Quebec City far more francophone than Brussels. Why not just frind a program in a smaller city or town in France? How about Rouen or Nantes? Bonne chance!
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I lived in Brussels a few years ago for a couple of months and I am of the same inclination as Carla - although the Grand Place is fantastic as are the beer bars. I have been back once since but its way off my top 10 cities. If I was looking at studying French, first choice would be Paris by a mile. Yes, big city, more expensive, reputation for rudeness, but Paris still has far more tourists than Brussels for good reasons - just a far more interesting city than B. Living in Paris would be a fantastic experience, whether you are into big cities or not. If you really want Belgium, I would consider Brugges which is smaller than B but prettier.
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Brugge is gorgeous but it isnt francophone.
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Brussels, as Belgium in general, has a very good reputation for its educational level. You will meet students of all over the world in this multi-cultural society. And it mustn't be too difficult to merge with the locals if you're an open-minded person.
Furthermore, Brussels is a small city, centrally located with excellent train connections to explore the rest of the country as well as the rest of Europe.
If you choose a French-speaking university (college in the US), some (more than) basic knowledge of French is essential.
Furthermore I can assure you that Belgian French is much closer to France's French than Canadian French.
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Supposedly the "purest" French is spoken in the Tours area. If you have an excellent ear, AND can mime what you hear, then that's the region to study in. Anywhere else, and you will pick up a regional "accent"...Southern France has the most pronounced (as glaringly evident as the USA's southern accent) ...Brittany you get the Breton language's influence..Alsace/Lorraine, German etc. I don't remember belgian French being highly looked down upon. For many Americans, they can't lose their American "twang" enough to really make it matter where they learned the French. I'd go where you can find the most immersion (pref. no one else from your country) for the best price. Bonne Chance!
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