spring break europe in march

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spring break europe in march

Hi! I just wanted to know whether the weather it would be cheaper to go to London, Paris, or Rome in early March for my spring break? How much do you think it would cost total to go for a week? Also, is the weather nice during this time in those cities? Also, is there any other place i should go instead that would be better and cheaper than going to those above cities?
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I've gone to both London and Paris for various spring breaks. Since "spring break" varies by a month or more in different locales, you'll have to give us a better idea about DATES if you want a guess at the weather (which WILL be a guess; we have only averages to play with.) I can tell you that some early spring flowers can be blooming in either London or Paris by the latter part of March. You can also have dreary weather in the 40s F.

Paris is flat-out less expensive than London (you'll have to ask others about Rome). In March, I've been able to get airfare for under $500 from the Midwestern U.S. and adequate hotel rooms in Paris for under 100 Euros/night. (There are cheaper hotels than that, too.) What I've told people is that taking Spring Break in Europe is less expensive than taking it in Florida, the Carribean or Cancun and I think that's accurate.
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Hi! Well, I am planning to go on spring break on March 4 and return March 12. So, during those time, will the weather be nice and will it be expensive? And, going to Europe is less expensive than all the other usual places that people go to.
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Going in the first part of March will land you in a cheap airfare period, but you still have to grab it while it's lowest or you can easily end up paying more. Average temperatures for that period would range from a low in the high 30s F to a high in the low 50s F.

Here's a good site to look at average temperatures:


Start putting your trip together on a prospective basis using various booking options and you can get a fix on likely costs.

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I wouldn't expect particularly nice weather in March in either Paris or London. Are you coming from the U.S.? Weather would be similar to cities back east there at this time of year, for example.

Going to Europe is not "less expensive than all the other usual places people go to"... I'm not sure why you'd think that.

It depends on what kind of plane ticket you find, what level of hostels or hotels you stay at, whether you go on your own or book a package deal... to say whether it is more expensive or less than other options (like Cancun, I assume you mean).
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It would help to know where you are flying from to guess at "cost total" for a one week trip.

Also if you are going alone or with someone, because package deals are most often based on double occupancy rooms.
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NUS-- your opening question makes no sense whatsoever; are you asking about weather, or about the cost? If the question is about weather, the rule is the southernmost you go, the warmer, so Rome should be your choice. If the question is about cost, none of the cities you listed are cheap, but the proper research should turn the right lodging alternatives (hostels,e tc...). Try go-today.com for ideas. Also, try British Airways or flyeurope.com for packages. My son went to Rome by himself for Spring break last year; about $600/ticket, $350/week stay. He had an absolute blast, gorgeous pictures. If you are set in going to Europe, another alternative (cheaper/better weather) is Southern Spain or Southern Portugal.
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I'm sure it isn't cheaper than the usual places kids might go -- like Florida. If you really want to go and can afford it, sure, but you'll have to limit your trip. You mentioned only a seven-day trip, and you can't visit three major European capitals spread out all over Europe in that time frame. Well, you could, but what would be the point to spend that much time and money on transportation between them only to have about two days in each city. If you really want to go to Europe, I'd pick one city if you only have seven days. As Suze says, the weather isn't going to be a great draw in very early March, it depends what you expect and want. It would be like NY or Washington, DC, probably.

There are lots of cheaper cities than those, although air fare can be cheapest to major European gateways, like London or Paris (I think Rome is usually more). Paris can be pretty cheap, if you want. If that really appeals to you, you might just do Paris for a week. Have you thought about Spain? I went to Andalucia in late March (centered on Seville), and that's fairly reasonable in cost. The weather when I was there wasn't anything to brag about, though, although it was sunny a few days (and rained quite a bit, I think they can have a rainy season at that time of year). That could have been an anomoly, though, I don't know, I think it would be better than London or Paris, on average.

I got a pretty cheap flight on BA through London to Seville and came back on Continental from Madrid. BA usually has some cheap fares, or Air France.

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I'm sorry, on re-reading your post, maybe you were trying to pick out one of those cities, the cheapest, for your trip. I think that would be a good idea. I'd guess Paris, for accommodations and air fare, as the best bet, but you can often get good air fare deals to London.
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Checking the latest Budget Travel magazine (40 Best article) they're showing package deals to London (from NY 4 nights) for $449, 6 nights Madrid $549, 7 nights Tuscany with car $559, etc.

For good weather obviously the further south the better.
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Hi! Thanks for all the replies. I just have a few more question. Do you know if it's cheaper to buy one of those package deals that comes with buying the plane tickets or is it cheaper to book those two separately. And, have anyone ever tried those make your own price deals on priceline.com? Also, I am traveling with two other people. One of them refuses to stay at a hostel because she thinks that you have to share the bathroom with the entire floor. Are all hostels like this or there are ones where you can have your own bathroom?
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I think that you should research Rome as your destination. I think that the weather would be better than London. The temperatures in Rome are roughly comparable to Atlanta (March would be good walking weather. Far better than summer.)

If you want to help your budget, then in Italy there are lots of accomodations run by the Catholic church. (You are not required to be a card carrying catholic. I know where you can get a good room in Rome, well located for maybe 40 euro per person per day. There are either 4 or 6 bathrooms on each floor.)

While Priceline is prevalent in London/England, I don't hear much about its success in France and Italy.

Never stayed in a hostel (did not get to Europe until I was 40+ years old), but a bathroom down the hall is not a major inconvenience if it makes the trip possible.
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Went to Rome the second week in Mar 04. Was nervous about the weather, but it was fabulous-highs in 50s, rain only one day. It was our favorite vacation ever, incl London & Paris. I have bought a number of trips through Expedia-very satisfied; competitive cost. Check their site for dates you want to go.
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Paris is much, much cheaper than London. Don't know about Rome.

One March trip to Paris was rainy, windy, bone-chilling cold everyday.

Last year when I went in March I came back with a slight tan, and the weather was perfect the entire time.

You just never know.

Pack and umbrella.

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SpringBreaker... I don't think *all* hostels have shared bathrooms, but I think that is the norm. It would depend on hostel, and you can research that ahead of time to see if any meet your requirements.

If you're going to stay in a single city for a week, I would recommend researching flats for rent. Flat rentals can be cheaper than hotel rentals, and you have added amenities such as a kitchen (great for having meals at home) and some come equipped with washers and dryers. To give you an idea of how flats can be cheaper than hotels - we just returned from Belgium where one week on our apartment was 420Euro while my parents' one night stay in a hotel in the same city on our last night was 166Euros!

Check www.romeby.com for ideas on apartment rentals and hotels. ALWAYS check the cancellation policies before making a reservation.

AND...most importantly...check airfare with STA (assuming you are a US student).

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I think Rome is cheaper than Paris. (Although not cheap, per se.)
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I think Rome is more expensive than Paris, but maybe it's because I know my way around Paris a lot better than Rome. Still, I'm looking at hotels and restaurants in Rome for an upcoming trip this summer and I'm not finding anything that's comparable to the prices I'm used to spending in Paris for nice hotels and nice meals.
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Hi! Thanks for all of the great suggestions. I was just wondering if $530 for a roundtrip to rome from the US is cheap during the month of March. That was the cheapest that I could find even when I searhed the sites made for students. I've never been to Europe, so I don't really know. Thanks!!
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It's a decent fare and depending on your point of origin, it may be a VERY decent fare. You may do even better in the context of a package deal, but you need to understand the location of your hotel and the kind of hotel you're getting. (Like a lot of things, the cheapest choice may not be worth the tradeoffs you're making to get it.)
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To be a student and being able to proof it by producing an ISID (international student identification)-card will give you a lot of benefits and advantages in Europe, as meals at university commons, knockoff on museum, theatre and movies tickets, maybe even some freebies. Also you find students in university towns, people who speak English, make friends with foreign students and know how to have fun at a minimum of cost.

Check out at your university if there are partnership programs or relations to European universities. Maybe you find some travel agency specialized on studentīs travel.

For visiting a cheap place, I would check out places (with an university, as said before) located at Slovenia, Croatia, Tchechia, Slovakia or Hungary.
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