specialty Belgium beer

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specialty Belgium beer

I recently read an article about a Belgium beer sold only in Belgium in certain bars. Additionally, the article stated it can be purchased at a certain corner market in Brugge. Does anyone know the name of this beer?
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I don't know if this will specifically answer your question, but here's a link to "Belgium for Beer Lovers":

There you will find a link to Bruges' De Halve Maan brewery.
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This is the link to the one G Hopper is talking about. Is it Noon yet? Looks good.


Belgium makes over 800 beers. It seems like every village has its own along with its own specialized glass. If you are a beer lover, Belgium is for you.
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Maybe it was Westvletern.

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Hi mckinley, if you go to www.iht.com/travel you would probably enjoy the article at the top of the screen regarding Wheat Beer. Best regards.
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We were in Belgium a few months ago and practically, every bar and restaurant would have a bunch of beers that are different from the next one.

Even convenient stores seem to sell brands of beers that's different from another store.

BTW, Leffe looks to be a popular brand and I see it in every corner store.
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I think the OP is looking for a place in Brugge. Does anybody know the name of the beer he might be looking for?
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There are just too many brews that don't leave the area to guess at the one you have in mind.

While I'm sure that there are lots of stores selling brew in Brugge, I found The Beer Temple on Phillipstockstraat (30 yds off the Markt) to be very well stocked with a ton of Belgian beers.

If you're headed there, it's a don't miss.

Happy hunting
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There is a local brewery in Brugge that is called "Strong Henry". They have a restaurant attached to the brewery and also offer tours of the brewery. I think that the name in Flemish is Straffe Henrik.
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Straffe Henrik (Strong Henry) is actually the name of a beer, not a brewery...the brewery is Halve Maan (per Budman). These days, Halve Maan is only brewing Brugse Zot *in* Brugge.
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I agree with Michael. It's "Strong Henry," and I remember it (from 2 years ago) and Enrik Striffe, or STriffe Enrik, something like that. Delicious! Right now I also have in my frig - Framboise (raspberry beer), which I had in a little pub in Brugges with spicy fish soup, on a cool spring afternoon. I can still taste it! Oh, sheer heaven!
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Straffe Hendrik is the name of the beer but it's only one of many many delicious beers. Go to Staminee De Garre which is a small bar off an alleyway in Breidelstraat, down by the Post Office in Markt. You'll be given a menu of their 127 bottled beers which is the size of a small book. Don't attempt to try more than 3 in an evening. In fact if the beers you choose are more than 10% you are limited to 3 glasses anyway. Watch how the waiter pours and presents the beer, each in its own special glass. Perfection !!
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Love Belgian Beer but Leffe isn't top of my list, tastewise. It's not traditionally made in an abbey anymore and is owned by Interbrew.
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We had a great time last month drinking Kwak beer outside at Aquarel restaurant, Simon Stevinplein 2, in Brugge.

They told us that the beer was sold only there, but we later saw it at several places.

Kwak was served in tall glasses, shaped a little like giant test tubes.

Okay, my engineer husband says they were actually shaped like huge Erlenmeyer flasks, with long necks.

The glasses which hold a LOT of beer, were in wooden stands--necessary since the glasses were round-bottomed!

We also enjoyed Straffe Henrik, which we remembered from our first trip to Brugge some years ago.


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"The glasses which hold a LOT of beer, were in wooden stands--necessary since the glasses were round-bottomed!"

This is called "A Yard of Ale". It's a carryover from olden times when the stage coach would come by for a quick stop and the driver and assistant would be each handed up "A Yard of Ale".


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To me the Geuze (sp?) beers are, along with cherry-flavored Kriek, the most weird tasting brews i've every hand - and amongst the strongest - these often monk-brewed beers pack a huge wallop. And those poor monks in the middle ages had to drink gallons of it a day - all the better to meditate i guess.
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I think I would have a hard time driving a stagecoach or anything else after a few of those "Yards."


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