Spain trip


Aug 3rd, 2016, 09:27 AM
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Spain trip

I am lost. I have a trip for 12 days / 13 nights I am flying in to Madrid early morning. I want to immediately take the train to Seville to start my holiday. want to take a side trip to Cordoba and I want to visit caves in Ronda and then maybe travel to Granada.
After that I want to get to Barcelona the quickest way, I'm thinking late night plane. We are meeting friends and going to a football match. I want to go on a side trip to Montserrat. Then train from Barcelona back to Madrid to see the sites there and also Toledo.
My trip is in 6 weeks (September). I have not booked anything but the international flight
Not at all sure about the trains or planes.
I am 50ish so I am not about to back pack it. Too much luggage.
How do i make this work. Should I buy train tickets when I arrive or beforehand. Then when I arrive at the train stations are there taxi's readily available to get to the hotels?
Anybody have suggestions for hotels or tours or things to see.
All suggestions gladly accepted!!
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Aug 3rd, 2016, 10:17 AM
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YOu can book train ticketw on site if you wish, but you may pay more. I prefer to have mine in hand (saves time, also) and book online in advance for most trains except possibly short day-trip ones (ie Seville to Cordoba for a day trip, not even sure you can book those in advance, but I wouldn't). The train to Montserrat is just a local thing, so you definitely wouldn't for that.

I would book a ticket in advance on or for Madrid to Seville and Barcelona to Madrid.

I would definitely buy my flight ticket ahead of time, those can really go up in price if you buy on the spot. use to find cheap flights

There are taxis at any train station I've ever been at except real small ones in small towns. Certainly in major cities.

This is an excellent website for Barcelona that tells you everyhing you need to know about lots, but especially Montserrat

You haven't even left yet so why do you think you'll have too much luggage. You are only going to be gone for 12 days and it doesn't sound like you need any unusual gear with you, etc. You'll have mostly same temps and just take some casual clothing. Take one smaller suitcase (roller bag, whatever you call it, maybe 23") and maybe a lightweight daypack backpack for a few extra things like gadgets, etc.
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Aug 3rd, 2016, 10:55 AM
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Thanks for the train tips.
Do you have any day tour ideas?
Is it possible to do a day trip from Seville to Cordoba and then back again? Not sure what there is to do there, but I heard I should try a day trip (not stay overnight).
Not even sure how long that would be.
Know any good tour companies that I can join a group with?
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Aug 3rd, 2016, 11:09 AM
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Frequent trains Madrid to Sevilla take 2.5 hours and I suggest you buy your ticket at the Atocha station. Trains between Sevilla and Cordoba [well worth a visit] take 45 minutes. Vueling has a flight from Granada to Barcelona leaving at 10:35PM.
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Aug 3rd, 2016, 06:12 PM
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Anyone have any experience with renting a car in Spain? I was thinking of traveling by car from Seville to Granada. This way we can stop along the way and see the country. Any thoughts about if that's a good idea or not?
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