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I know someone had asked this about Germans, but how do the Spanish fare with foreigners? Do they look down upon foreigners, or are u generally accepted? I speak minimal spanish......
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Our experience in northern Spain was very positive - everyone seemed to like Americans (we stayed in a hotel in Barcelona that, I don't think, had ever seen Americans. Everyone was quite curious about us. Blond women were quite an attraction) and lots of people spoke English (and liked to try it out).
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Our experience in Madrid, Toledo, and Salamanca was overwhelmingly positive. I didn't speak any Spanish before my trip but picked up a reasonable amount of "traveler's" Spanish while there. People who were not English speakers were happy to help even when you could muster only a word or two from the phrase book. Again, we were very struck by the warmth of the Spanish people.
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Spaniards are, in general, very friendly, warm people with a vivid curiosity about other cultures (been somewhat isolated for centuries does that). Last time I visited (May 99), my husband & I met with German friends in Madrid. My personal impression was that people were very nice and friendly because I was speaking Spanish to them. But when I did asked my German friends and my husband, they told me that their impression was the same; Spaniards are very nice.

I do think that sometimes what is perceived as a cold and distant European (French, Germans, etc..) is actually a person who respects your personal space and does not want to cross the line out of consideration for you.
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The Spanish are exceptionally friendly
& helpful, they don't get sniffy about
people with phrasebook Spanish (unlike
the French) indeed they will cooperate
& try to help.Very little English is
spoken outside the main tourist areas.
Avoid the Costas (big tourist beach resorts)

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