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In June, my wife and I will be spending 5 nites at the Gellert Hotel. Someone mentioned to me that they thought we may need a doctor's prescription in order to take part in some of the spa benefits. Is this so, and if it is, will we be able to get a "prescription" right at the hotel.
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Just a suggestion. If you include the country where the Gellert Hotel is you might get a response.
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I suppose it is in Budapest? Don't know anything about it.
But they would have advised you if you needed a certificate and if you will, they will certainly do it for you there.
The only thing I know is that one should avoid the very hot therms, when suffering from heart problems.
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I know that they used to have a doctor who would give a 'quickie' physical in the spa part of the Gellert (in some cases, judging from the people I saw in the pools, it was to make sure they were still breathing). The hotel itself is wonderful- old world charming. The spa was beautiful. It's been years since I was there, so I can only hope that it has remained so.

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I'd characterize the Gellert's attractions more as thermal baths than as a spa, although they also offer more than just the baths -- massage, for example. The baths are mostly unisex, with separate pools for men and women. (Some baths in Hungary are men-only or women-only.) The Gellert also has some outdoor pools, and one indoor-outdoor pool for swimming, all of which are for both sexes and require bathing attire.

You will not need any doctor's prescription to use the baths or get a massage.

In Hungary, many thermal bath facilities also offer medically-prescribed treatments of various sorts. I don't know the details, but I'm sure you can read about them elsewhere. The point is that you don't need treatment to enjoy the baths at the Gellert

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