soy milk emergency

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soy milk emergency

I'm going to Rome and Paris in May and due to a dairy intolerance, I need to find a health food shop or supermarket where I can buy soy milk. Is it easy to get and does anyone know where?
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You can probably find it in any grocery in Paris. But you can also bring juice box style soy milk -- Edensoy has them, at least to start you off. Shame about the cheese in paris though...
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We brought powdered soy milk with us once. I bought it a the Whole Food company in the U.S. Its lighter than bringing the liquid. All you do is add water. Also in Europe they sell alot of liquid yogurt in different flavors if you can drink that.
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Vicki, you have probably already considered this, but I'll mention it anyway. I used one of those lactose supplements, and it worked beautifully. Lactaid is one brand. I used about twice the recommended dose. Test drive this idea at home beforehand, of course, and good luck.
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I am also lactose intollerant.
How long have you known you are lactose intolleramt?
You can buy Lactase tablets at the health food shop, to help aid digestion of the lactose, so you can enjoy a little cheese and the odd drink with milk, depending on your tollerance level at the moment, as it pits and troughs if its like mine. I can have a glass of milk one week with no effect and the next it leaves me doublesd up in pain!
Worth noting; when I was pregnant and breast feeding I substituted with Sheeps milk to ensure I was getting a good supply of calcium and essential traces, Its really delicious! I hink you can still get it dried to make it more economical. Sheeps milk is the nearest thing to breast milk apparently.
Have you tried Rice milk, Oak milk and others? Soy milk is predominently made from GM soy beans, so I boycott it!
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I'm on a liquid diet due to dry mouth due to prior cancer treatment. Can eat soup, gelato etc. But need liquid supplement eg.Ensure etc. Don't want to bring 40 lbs of the stuff with me! Is there any availability of this type of liquid supplement in Rome? Or do I need to bring it all? Any Help?
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A suggestion;
Does Ensure have a phone #, or contact , where you could find out from the company if they sell their product overseas ?
There are some health food stores in Rome,
I found this info in the Gambero Rosso , Rome book.
Whether or not they cartry what you are looking for, can't say.

1-L'Albero del Pane- (ghetto)via S.Maria del Pianto 19/20
2-Alimentazione- (Tritone) via della Panettaria, 8
3-Bio Dispensa- (Monti) via Santa Maria Maggiore,118
4- Il Canestro- (Testaccio)via Lucca della Robbia,12
5-Emporium Naturae (Trionfale)- v.le delle Milizie,7/a
6- Sette Spighe (Prati)-via Crescenzio, 89/d
7-Al Sole d'Oro (Prati)- lungotevere dei Mellini,44
Hope this helps you.
I always liked rice milk more than soy, have you tried it?
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Thanks everybody!
Have been lactose intolerant probably for my whole life but was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I think I might try and find some of the suggested lactose digestion aid as the idea of not eating cheese does make me sad- also due to financial constraints i think we'll be living on pizza in Italy!Thanks again and CIAO. Vicki.
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Rome is not really the place to find freaky dietary things. They barely even sell lofat milk, in fact when we asked for it they looked at us like we had two heads and couldn't believe that there was such a thing.

Imagine what they will say when you ask fro soy milk.

Americani Pazzeschi!

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regarding your last comment about pizza. We found that the pizza in Italy hardly had any cheese on it, so that is good news for you. It was delicious and nutricious.
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Not sure about Rome or Paris, but when I was in Lisbon I could find almost everything at a health food store that was located in a modern shopping center. They had quite a selection of organics, etc...things I couldn't find in a regular large grocery store. I would certainly think both Paris and Rome would have such specialty shops as well.
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I used to be lactose intolerant but seem to have "outlived" it. Also, even with this problem, you should be able to tolerate yogurt & some cheeses.

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