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Is it okay to wear white socks with black pants in Paris? I'm just not sure...and I'm having a panic attack. I only one pair of black socks and the rest are white. I have 4 pairs of black pants that I'm bringing with me.
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White? I don't think so... BUT make sure they are thin and not cotton so they can dry out quickly... drying abilities are what count! Have Fun!
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 05:30 PM
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Maybe you could buy one pair of Coolmax (fast-drying) black socks and wash them every night. Or wear a skirt. Or boots that cover your socks. Or start a new style: white socks, black pants, orange t-shirt, pink scarf, purple shoes, green belt, yellow seltzer bottle, red horn.
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Let me get this straight. You can afford to go to Europe, but you can't afford to go our and buy a couple more pairs of black socks. What am I missing here?
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There are only SOME settings, where SOME people can wear white socks - - SOME of the time...

Here is one example...

And as you can see, black pants are not part of the accompanying attire.

Postscript... the picture referenced by the URL listed above is rated "G" - - for General Audiences - - just in case you were wondering.

Best wishes,

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WHite socks go great with exercise outfits.

Why not substitute gym shorts for the black pants?
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Susan, relax. You're way too serious.
(Maybe your socks are too tight?)
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frankie John
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Starla: Poor has been kinda boring around here lately...Go, Girl!
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Socks and more
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Does anyone remember that wild site with the two guys in London? I think Starla would benefit greatly from that one!
Old Feb 19th, 2001, 06:13 PM
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I don't think a DIVA needs to ask about socks. Perhaps you are a DIVA TROLL.
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Ohmygosh! Thought someone was looking for the Clinton's cat
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Dear Starla,
do you want a real suggestion from a real Italian ?
Never ever buy or wear white socks(except if you're playing tennis) .
Only dark blue, dark grey or dark brown.
They will suit with grey, light or dark brown and black trousers.
And you will be ok all over the world!
Old Feb 22nd, 2001, 02:29 PM
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Thank you Rex!
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I think a white top with black pants, black "mary jane" shoes and white socks look adorable. But you need to be slim and under 30 or at least look like it. Just my opinion. On the other hand what do you normally wear all those white socks with?

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