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Has anyone ever been to see Italy play soccer? If so, do you know where they play? How would I find a schedule? Any tips or comments on trying to see a game? Thanks!
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Okie, are you referring to the national team? If so the Azzurri (as they are known) are peripatetic and have no base stadium. They might play one game at San Paolo Stadium in Naples the next at Palermo and the next in Rome or Milan.
I suggest you try which is an excellent site showing all their recent results in the Euro 2004 qualifiers, the 2002 World Cup Finals campaign and upcoming friendlies (no doubt the best chance you'll have of seeing them).
However it does state that there are currently none scheduled bar a march game away in Portugal. Given, though that they are almost certain to go through to the Euro finals in Portugal next summer they will doubtless schedule some friendlies for the back end of this year, next spring and early summer just prior to the Portuguese tournament.
I suggest you keep a watchful eye on that website for updates!
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Any local soccer match will be an interesting experience for you. I have been to a big game, in Rome, but my favorite was for a small provincial team, in Massa (northern Tuscany). Even though this was small-town soccer, the stadium had a moat around it, complete with spikes, and armed policemen stationed at every aisle! They take their soccer seriously, in other words. But there was no violence, so not to worry.
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If you take a look at the Serie A (highest level) teams, both Lazio and Roma play at Stadio Olimpico in Rome (alternating Sundays)

DH and I hope to take in a Lazio match on Feb. 29, 2003. would give you a glimpse of who is playing where during any travel dates.

14 Set 2003 - 1 Feb 2004

Juventus (Turin) plays at chievo on the 14th, Chievo plays at Juventus on the 1st.

Gli Azzurri (the blues) are the Italian national team and Dr_DoGood's link would help you there.

As Karen says, the smaller teams might be easier to see. We hope to see Fiorentina play in Firenze.
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I've noted from another thread that you're in Italy late Sept/eraly Oct, unfortunately leaving prior to Italy's last game in the Euro qualifiers on 11/10 (iith Oct).
However you might like to see, as Karen mentions, a league game. The Italian first division is called Serie A and has some world class teams (these days league football is frequently of a better quality than international) who have some of the world's finest (and best paid!) players on their books.
Check out this site:
You can see a link on the left hand side for fixture details. From that you can tell if there'll be a game near any locale at the time you'll be there.
Have a great holiday!
Dr D.
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Aah, Koshka beat me to it.... I think that link looks better too.
Dr D.
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We will be in Rome the week of Mar 6 and I would like for my son to see a soccer game. Will they be playing then and how can I see a schedule? I tried the link mentioned above and couldn't find a schedule. Thanks.
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"Soccer 24-7" seems to have morphed into a site concerned only with the Premiership.

You'll find Serie A and Serie B fixtures at The English version doesn't seem to be working, but click on Serie A then calendari and you'll see that Roma is playing Inter at home on March 7. The other Rome team, Lazio, is obviously therefore playing away that day (That's also what the Gazzetta dello Sport site - which is working - referred to by Koschka says, though admittedly it's a bit odd in the way it says it)
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As flanneruk says, Roma will be playing Inter Milan in Rome on March 7. This would be a great game to see as these are two of Serie A's biggest clubs, but I would imagine that ticket demand will be pretty high. You can find Roma's website at, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be an English language link on it. I had a look on the assumption that "biglietti" means tickets but as far as I can see the tickets for that particular match don't seem to be on sale yet. If your Italian is better than mine (that wouldn't be difficult!) maybe you'll be able to find what you're looking for on the website.

Best of luck,

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Am I reading the schedule right, then, that on March 21st, Lazio plays Roma?

I bet that's a big rivalry!
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Ndf - That's right.

And yes - one of the biggest rivalries there is.

Forza Roma

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I have been to several football games when Milan played (sorry--my husband is the big fan so I don't remember the team names--if I recall, Inter Milan and the other one too)--but it was at the stadium in Milan (San Siero?). Anyway, from a woman's perspective, you'll be totally outnumbered (1000 to 1 at best), which I was prepared for. However, going to the bathroom with the "toilet" being a hole in the floor (like Japan?), was a bit unusual--take paper--also when I opened my door (at least there was one), the ladies' room was full of men waiting their turn in line! Whatever...Also, I prefer a seat in the upper section to avoid an array of items being thrown onto the field (flares, food, etc.) Quite an amazing event to witness. Oh, and make sure you don't wear the wrong color for the section you're sitting in. But on the whole, it was really fun--lots of singing of amazing songs for each player it seemed, and when there's a goal, the fans erupt! Happy travels!
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