So what do Europeans make of Dubya?

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This message is meant to be unbiased as I am neither a Bush supporter or a Gore supporter. (though I do tend to lean toward the democratic side but dislike Gore. Anyway it doesn't matter now who you supported, we have a new President) I have no idea of the actual intelligence of our new President, but I would imagine that one would have trouble running a business, a state, and a country without at least some so I would speculate that he is anything but dumb. However, it is most definitely true that he has had no experience with foreign relations or has never really travelled or visited Europe and cannot understand their point of view. To Doug- who said the last President to have overseas experience was Eisenhower, i say you are wholly incorrect. While I am not a Clinton supporter either, I recognize that he travelled extensively prior to office and in fact studied abroad in England for a year in college. He was not as you say just a governr with no experience. I bring up clinton not because of my great like for him but because he is the most recent in time to compare Bush to and because I remembered these facts off the top of my head. I do believe it is important that America have leader who has an understanding of other cultures. Travel is one of my favorite hobbies and I believe it has greatly broadened my mind!!
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Liberal & Proud of It:

Respect from a faceless nobody on the internet? You are nothing to me. Now I know you've just crawled out from under your rock but surely you must have more sense than that! I merely was pointing out the usual liberal hypocrisy. The purveyors of "tolerance" are almost always the first with the stereotypes. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Such a shameful lot.
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youlovetodish it out
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Generally the word ASS is an insult.
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George W. Bush is a fool. He should be as enlightened as we in Germany who abort all the unwanted scum before they are born. The Dutch are even wiser in that they euthanize all social desirables much like we did in the 1930s and 1940s. Highly progressive.

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