Snow in London?

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Snow in London?

We leave for our long awaited trip to London in about 24 hours. The weather forecast shows snow for London on Thursday. Can this be true? Will snow actually accumulate on the ground or just flurry? I was hoping for temps in the 50's or even 60's, I was expecting some rain but not snow. Winter has just ended here and the snow has melted. Oh well, I have to keep a stiff upper lip, I guess.
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JoeG - checked - There is a chance of "snow showers", but in the details, it says the temperature for 6 am is 35 degrees F, and goes up to 39 degrees by 9 am - so I would assume no accumulation. Good luck! We leave for London in 3 days, and I think it is supposed to rain for our entire trip - I better make sure I don't forget the umbrella!
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60's is very unrealistic for London in March. In the middle of the summer the temps are usually only in the low 70's. A reasonable high for this time of year would be more like 50. Have you looked at the various weather web sites to get annual averages? (FYI winter doesn't end until March 21st).
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The seasons vary so much that dates when seasons end become irrelevant nowadays.

I have been watching both BBC and ITV1 weather reports today and they have said there is a possibility of snow showers across Southern England and Wales on Thursday. There is a cold front coming from the Himalayas, and is due to arrive either tomorrow or Thursday.

However, it's probably best worth checking tomorrow to see the most likely weather.

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>cold front coming from the Himalayas<
This doesn't sound good!
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JoeG: Sorry the weather isn't looking so good, but so much of our trips to London (we last went the second week in December) are spent inside, in museums, art galleries, churches, etc. outside doesn't really matter that much. We were fortunate in December and only had one day of rain, the rest of time clear and cold but comfortable.

It has been my experience lately that when I check weather for our European destinations they are absolutely awful, with rain predicted almost daily, low temps, etc., and when we get there it isn't like that at all. I hope you will have a similar experience.

In any case, have a wonderful time.
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The BBC's website shows temps in the 50's by the weekend. We'll be there Tuesday, 3/16 and we figured the weather would be similar to here (Portland, Oregon) - rainy, 50's with a slight chance of something nicer.
Have fun JoeG!
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pdx-girl - Glad to hear that the weather is warming up to the 50s. We're arriving on the 19th from Seattle and can handle rainy, gloomy weather, although it was 70 degrees here yesterday.
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My Mom lives in Louisiana. A few days ago she had 80 degree temps and because of the humidity, was forced to turn on her A/C. In MARCH, lol. And here I was, overseas in England with temps in the 30's-40's.

The one consoling factor is that I won't have to worry about mosquitoes (who I'm sure have just LOVED the warm temps and tons of rain Louisiana has been getting). Sowwy, Mom!
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Giovanna is absolutely right when talking about London weather. There is so much to see indoors -museums, theatres,churches, art galleries and pubs. And if you are using the tube as your main mode of transport you get another little break from the weather.

Actually, the weather is just one of many reasons I love London. I prefer cooler weather and I was in London last month and in the last 2 Novembers and the weather has been great. And I am getting ready to go to Iceland in the near future.

So, JoeG, I would not worry too much about the weather- enjoy one of the great cities of the world. There is enough to see and do that can keep you coming back for a lifetime.
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We will have a great time no matter what the weather. I was hoping it would be pleasant. Who wouldn't? I got a little freaked out when I saw snow in the forecast. Plus we like to just walkabout for hours. We will press on. Thanks for the words of encouragement.
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I had snow in London in late April once, but it didn't stick. It was pretty cold though -- I had to borrow a down jacket from my host.

Just keep slugging down those margaritas, Joe. Remember the quota! No exemptions for traveling outside the "uno mas" world.
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I am in London now. The sky is blue and its cold, but no snow and its warming up for the weekend - forecast 12C by Sunday. You won't have a problem with snow. Although rain is forecast for friday.
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yesterday there were snow flurries here (30miles from London). This morning, Weds, there is snow covering the garden and roof but the roads are clear,traffic is flowing fine (just listened to the radio traffic announcement). Temp is obviously COLD but and its brightening now, the sun is trying to get through the clouds. Tomorrow (thurs) forecast is as follows: "A lot of cloud drifting across the UK on the easterly winds and this will bring some light wintry flurries to some eastern parts, notably along the coast. Many western parts will be dry with the best of the brightness and sunshine along sheltered northern and western coasts."
When it snows its USUALLY just light flurries down here in the South, but occasionally we are caught out!
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I leave for London in 8hrs. and I have now added gloves to my carry on. I can't wait to get there no matter what the weather. And besides, if we all wanted great weather we'd be going to the caribbean, right?
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I'm leaving for London tomorrow night and the reports of snow have me reconsidering my coat. Think I'll just be wearing the Land's End parka I wear here at home instead of the raincoat I had planned. I'll think of it as an act of civil disobedience to the fashion police.
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Hi Joe, we had brief snow showers a few times on our trip last week and it was no big deal. I had a long microfiber trench and just layered with a blazer when needed, I did bring gloves however. We did not mind it all! Have a great trip! Judy
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Does British Air serve Margaritas? I feel warmer already.
I bought a black knit stocking cap and gloves set on clearance yesterday at Marshall Field's - $3.00!!! You are correct - if we wanted warm we would go the Caribbean
Nikki and Judyrem,
I have a microfiber raincoat with a great lining but I didn't want to bring the lining -too bulky. I will draw the line however at bringing the down jacket.
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I heard on the radio this morning that snow is in the forecast for Venice today. If that is the case, snow in London isn't so surprising.
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Nikki, I'd stick with the raincoat but bring a warm sweater or blazer/jacket that you can layer underneath. That way you won't be without a coat if the weather is milder. Also, rain is probably guaranteed, so the down parka is not such a good substitution for the raincoat.
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