Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Aug 20th, 1997, 09:08 PM
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Sleeping Beauty's Castle

I am looking for the real castle that Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle is modeled after in Germany. Thanks in advance. Patt
Aug 20th, 1997, 10:38 PM
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I recently visited Schoss Neuschwanstein, or the Disneyland Castle. I believe it's located in the Black Forest in a town called Fussen. We took a day trip there from Munich; it's about 2 hours away. It probably takes about 15-20 minutes to hike up to the Castle. The Castle is beautiful but the tour only lasts about a half an hour and I felt rushed. The surroundings are just unlike anything I'd ever seen before, everything was green! There's a nearby bridge whose view alone is worth the trip. The 7 Marks (for students, 10 Marks for adults) was definitely worth it. I believe there's another nearby castle.
Aug 23rd, 1997, 06:03 PM
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Neuschwanstein is in Bavaria. Read as much as you can about King Ludwig before you go so you can really appreciate what he tried to accomplish here. Yes, indeed, you are rushed through the tour, but do these three things before you go: make sure you get there early, early, early in the morning before the tour buses or anyone else gets there; get in physical shape for the walk up the hill(take a small water bottle); and then purchase the CALENDAR at the gift shop at the end of the trip (the interior castle photos are fabuloso, and will be the only ones you get as you CANNOT take pictures or videos inside). Don't miss this castle. THEN, visit his other castles: the yellow one in the area was his boyhood home. There are others in the area. Nothing like it, considering his history and the relative young age of this castle.
Aug 23rd, 1997, 06:09 PM
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Neuschwanstein in in Fussen, Fussen is in Bavaria (sorry)and another castle is called Linderhof. Don't miss it. It is so beautiful! He lived on the second story.The servants worked below. His dining room table would be lowered to the 1st story, be set with table service and food, then raised up to the dining room for his enjoyment. So they say. Check out his natural air conditioning system: pattern of levels of falling water facing his bedroom so that the wind would carry the coolness to the house. Genius? Madman?
Aug 24th, 1997, 06:53 AM
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Both castles are lovely. The view from the bridge is out of this world. I think as far as the inside of the castles go, Linderhof is more beautiful. The grounds around it are so lovely. Both give English tours if you do not speak German. Have fun, Germany is the greatest place to visit. Stay in small towns and enjoy the small guest houses!
Aug 30th, 1997, 08:06 AM
Bob Ricks
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Correct: the castle is Neuschwanstein. The other castle down the hill is also worth a visit. The bridge they all mention was closed for repair on our June visit. Linderhof is highly recommended to visit...another Ludwig castle and in the same general area.
Sep 16th, 1997, 05:43 AM
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Neuschwanstein is indeed what Americans think of as the 'Disney Castle' (much to the amusement of the Germans, by the way)... but I thought that 'Sleeping Beauty's Castle' was based on a chateau in the Loire Valley in France.
Sep 18th, 1997, 05:18 AM
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Neuschwanstein is definitely worth a visit, although you need to watch the weather. Bavaria was raining in August, and the Alps were totally invisible. That castle down the hill is called Hohenschwangau, and it is where he grew up. I understand that Nymphenburg in Munich is also worth visiting. If you're not planning on staying in Munich, I would recommend finding a "zimmer frei" (room free) sign and staying with a family. It can be a good deal, and you certainly get more atmosphere. Most Germans speak some English, so language shouldn't be a problem. Of course, you need your own transportation to do this, but driving in Germany is fun.
Sep 18th, 1997, 11:11 AM
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Neuschwanstein is indeed the one you are looking for. It is located near Fussen by the town of Schwangau. This is just north of the Austrian border. When my wife and I were there in July, we stayed in Munich and day-tripped to several spots.
It took about 1 1/2 hours to drive to Neuschwanstein (which is due west) along the Romantic Road. You can take a horse drawn cart up to the castle (3/4's of the way) and then walk. It's not bad. The bridge (Marienbrucke) is quite a sight on the mountainside (you can see it from the castle). In addition, I recommend going to Garmisch (from Munich, about 1 hour southeast) and to Ettal (beautiful basilica), Oberammergau (Passion Play) and finally, Linderhof castle (2nd of King Ludwig's dream castles) which are all close together. We spent one day at Neuschwanstein and one day at the others. Take the trip, you won't be disappointed. Our families marvel at our photo album as the pictures are beautiful. Have fun!
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