single female traveller

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single female traveller

Do you think I should carry a cellphone for safety? Buying or renting a cellphone is quite expensive. Do you think its worth it?
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I have travelled alone many times but I have never carried a cellphone. I often get stares from people that I am some sort of a loner. I think Iam quite courageous and strong to be able to navigate foreign cities on my own.

Do any solo travellers expierence similar situations?

I am very sorry, but I too have similar question.

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I travel solo frequently and am female. I bought a tri-band cell phone and it was definitely worth the investment. Learn the emergency code (equivalent of 911) in the country you're in, keep handy the number of your country's embassy/consulate, and you will have that added sense of security. Additionally, having a cell phone when you travel solo allows you to make social engagements easily with people you meet.
About being stared at - nobody cares that you're travelling alone. If I get the impression that someone is staring at me, I automatically assume it's because I'm so gorgeous : )
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Barbara -

I would say it depends on where you are going. Are you going to be driving on your own for great distances.

I travel for business on my own quite a bit. When I was in Italy, I didn't feel a need for one - trips between cities were fairly short and on busy roads. I was driving only a few days and flying back and forth a few times.

In Germany, where I might drive lonely (ish) roads for 3 or 4 hours, or be on a train for serveral - it makes me feel much safer and in touch. I'm usually there for a few weeks at a time, my family and friends know that can get in touch with me and vice versa. I was in a car accident last year there and I can't tell you what a relief it was to have that phone in my hand. In fact, the only things I had in my hands in the ambulance was my phone, my passport and my wallet.

In Ireland - I never felt as though I needed one, or in England for that matter.
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I use public transportation, and don't go hiking off by myself, so I've never felt the need for a cell phone. If I were going to drive alone through the countryside, I'd probably think about renting a cellphone.
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i don't
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Honestly, the thought never occured to me (I don't have one at home). As others mentioned maybe depends where you're headed... I was in major cities (Geneva, Paris, Venice, etc.). I guess if I was out trekking on my own in the wilderness it might be different. I'm 48 single american woman.
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I travel alone frequently (US & in Europe) and have carried a cell phone with me for years. I have AT&T and just rent a phone before leaving home & pop in my cell phone chip that has my number. Works perfectly in Europe, and people at home can reach me if needed. I have never really needed it - but it makes me feel much more secure - especially when I was driving all over Ireland by myself!
I think some people are startled when they see me traveling alone - mostly because I love to eat at great resturants, stay in wonderful places, see the opera, etc - things people expect you to do as part of a couple/group & not alone. Who cares though - I got to stay in a castle in Ireland!
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Tony Hughes
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If you do take one, remember that cellphone theft is an ever-growing crime so keep it well hidden.
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