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There's an old news adage "If it bleeds, it leads." <BR> <BR>Bob, I also agree with you about out current, media-fed, hysteria over anthrax. If I was a terrorist watching the news and listening to people talk, I'd be laughing at what I'd see as how easily panicked many Americans seem to be. <BR> <BR>I'm not dismissing the recent anthrax letters -- which are appalling -- but anthrax is nothing compared to the possibility of a highly contagious virus like smallpox. I hope to God that never comes to pass. <BR> <BR>
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However if the loss of the invasion thread means nothing else it certainly provess humor is no longer welcome here. The bad guys win again!
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I think everyones sense of humor has gone along with all the threats to the US. Just think about it - another shoe will fall soon and people are not very happy. Would you rather not have the media tell us things? My eyes are glued on CNN or should I say TNN (Taliban News Network) - a little humor
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Why do the people who can't tolerate non travel related thread respond to them? They sound as silly as the woman whose panties got in a wad over "married with children" in the mid Change the channel. Skip to the next question. No one is making you read or respond. Also - this attitude that if it isn't travel related it absolutely postively doesn't belong here is really rigid , dare i say fascist.
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Maybe this should have been titled ... <BR>"All Lame Rantings and Ravings here"
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