Shuttle to and from Paris airports

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Shuttle to and from Paris airports

At all costs aviod Parishuttle. They will say anything to get you to book, but are not to be trusted. They arrange things for their own convenience and not the travellers. Friends of mine who were in Paris at the same time I was also had a bad experience with them--both going to Paris and returning to the airport. Do not let a travel agent talk you into it booking with them. Especially if you are not solo, take a cab instead. They are plentiful and only marginally more expensive. Do not support this unscruppleless company.

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Maybe you could be more specific as to your problem(s) with them. We have used them twice without any issues.
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I am sorry to say that we also experienced problems with Parishittle recently.

We booked beforehand, called them from the airport after we landed and still we waited 55 minutes for the van. This could maybe excused - although it was a Sunday morning and traffic was not hectic.

When they had to collect us from our Hotel, they were 30 minutes late - although the Hotel's reception confirmed with them day before. After picking us up late, we drove to a very far Hotel in the opposite direction of the airport to pick up more people. It was really touch and go or we missed our flight.
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Typo - should read Parishuttle!
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Sorry about your bad experience. They seemed pretty good a few years ago as the manager would post here and offer discounts. That's why we prefer taking taxis as there is no picking up and dropping off other passengers.
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We've them on four or five trips over the years. We have never had any trouble with the airport pick up, but twice they really messed up when picking us up in the morning for our return flight.

One year we stayed in an apartment on Qui Bourbon on St. Louis, directly across from the Seine and the jerk couldn't find the street! We were locked out of the apartment, having left the keys inside as instructed, so as not to keep the van waiting, while DH ran back upstairs ot leave the key. BIG mistake. Here we were standing on this narrow street, all alone, surrounded by 6 weeks of luggage, and no van in sight.

Fortunatly the concierge saw us and let us in to use her phone. The dispatcher kept trying to tell the driver where we were and he still couldn't find us. One wrong turn and he would have been in the river ;-)
Finally, about 20 minutes later, he arrived.

Last year, again the airport pickup was great. We told them the night before and again on the day of our departure, exactly where to meet us - our apartment was on a private street and was difficult to find - but a main thoroughfare ran right along side of our street. Again, it took several more calls, this time from inside of our apartment, for the driver to find us. He was still looking for the private street and drove past us and I waved him down, just as he drove past the street sign of our little street.

The other times we have taken cabs to the airport. I actually like taking a van from the airport. It is relaxing and I absolutely love driving through Paris, through familiar and unfamiliar neighbors. It's like coming home to a familiar place.

Also, when they drop off other passengers, as we always seem to be the last ones delivered or picked up, I get to see many of the smaller hotels that I know by name only, from here and guidebooks. The shuttle trip is like a mini City tour and gets my juices flowing.

We'll be using a shuttle again in December - probably only for the airport pickp, and then taking a taxi back. Is Bee better, more reliable????

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I like Bee -- tried them this year for the first time. I stopped using ParisShuttle after they were late picking me up in the 6th, then went to the 16th to pick folks up and went through a blocked area at Concorde. POlice pulled the driver over, he didn't have the appropriate papers and driver's permit, one of the other passengers had a cell so we called the main office and they refused to send out another van. The police finally let the driver go, with a ticket or written warning, and he was a hellish driver all the way from the 16th to Charles de Gaulle. Never again!
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I have never been able to understand the attraction of airport shuttle services in Paris. The hassle, risk of screw-ups and wasted time don't seem to be outweighed by the benefits in most cases.
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I used Bee Shuttle last October and they were perfect. I would use them again in a hearbeat.

Why did I use a shuttle? I was alone, never been to Paris and didn't feel like dealing with the metro with luggage after a long flight from California.
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I'd like to hear about Bee Shuttle as well if anyone has experience with them - I'm planning on using them for my departure from Paris.
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Hi I,

We've used Bee several times and been happy with the experience.

Also see

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We used Bee Shuttle in March. We sat at the airport for two hours waiting for another flight. The van had no identification and we had to go searching for it.

On the return trip, we were picked up on time but were given the scenic tour of Paris on our way. The driver would not accept a credit card (credit card was no problem on the trip into Paris) and we had to go find an operating ATM for cash since we didn't have enough. We did arrive in time for our flight.

I'm beginning to understand the appeal of a taxi.
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We used a shuttle service (can't recall the name right now) in 2004 for the return trip to the airport. Being a party of five, and leaving for the aiport at 5:15, it was the best way to go. We actually opted for the "private van" service offered by this shuttle company, and that is probably the only way I would use one of those shuttles.

If you've got enough people in your party, it makes sense to use the private van (and not a shared shuttle) going TO the airport. However, for trips FROM the airport, a taxi usually costs about the same, and is quicker (don't have to coordinate a meeting point and wait to be picked up).
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Perhaps someone can educate me a little.
Here is my understanding (I've taken one once, from the 16th to CDG, pciked up on time, two stops on way to airport)

The shuttles to/from CDG are not dedicated shuttles like at NA airports where they go from hotel <-> airport and back.

The only way to get door-door from CDG is to have enough people travelling with you (and luggage) to fill the van.

They do not have a planned route, in the sense the route that they have is based on the addresses of people to pick up/ drop off. If there are 6 people in the van from 6 different extremities of the city, I could end up seeing a lot of Paris.

They can plan and time their pickups...easier for CDG, more planning required for pick-ups going to CDG since traffic etc can be bad.

So...I assume, in summary, they can get to me on time, but can't tell me exactly when I'll be dropped off (applies to both directions).

Am I close?

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