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My husband and I are sceduled to leave from Chicago to Rome on Sunday September 30th for a 2 week trip to Italy.
Due to the recent tragedy we are debating whether or not to cancel......
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It's a hard and personal decision. I was supposed to leave yesterday and couldn't. I've rescheduled for the beginning of October but I'm going to wait a week or so to buy my ticket to see how the airports are doing. Since you have 2 weeks, why don't you just let it ride and see what happens in the next week. A lot can happen in that time. Until that time, act like you're going and pack etc.
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Actually, a lot won't happen in just two weeks.

The band-aid security measures the FAA implemented as windowdressing will still be in effect. I challenge you to find a single aviation security expert who will tell you he/she would feel safe telling his/her family to board a U.S. jet under the current circumstances.

Do what you want, but keep your eyes open when you make your decision.

Good luck.
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Thanks. One of the things I forgot to mention is that we are ticketed on American a way this is even more of a problem, as it seems they have been extremely lax on security issues! I think you are correct. We will wait until it gets closer to departure and play it by ear. Until then we will still plan on going. Everything that took place on Tuesday has however taken a lot of the joy we had felt out of our trip.....but then again my vacation problems are nothing compared to all the lives that were lost. I have several acquaintances that have lost family members in these horrendus acts of cruelty and cowardness!!!!
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Concerns Abroad: State Dept. Warnings for Those Stranded or Heading Abroad, Including Canada

What does the State Department say about travel?

On Wednesday, the State Department issued a statement for "Worldwide Caution" for Americans, but stopped short of advising Americans not to travel.

The government does say what should be obvious: that Americans "may be at increased risk of terrorist attacks from extremist groups." Its advice has not differed tremendously from its usual advice to Americans who may be traveling to dangerous places: Keep your head down, keep away from suspicious objects, don't make a show of yourself, and stay away from U.S. facilities if possible. (Of course, at many Embassies worldwide, people are gathering by the hundreds to light candles and show solidarity with America.)

At this time, there is no reason to suspect that Americans are being concertedly targeted abroad. In fact, reports indicate that in places as far apart as Melbourne, Australia and Aswan, Egypt, locals have treated Americans with extra kindness and sensitivity.

If you are abroad, you can find the latest travel advisory by contacting the American Citizens Services division of your nearest Embassy or Consulate, most of which reopened on Thursday.

The full text of the Worldwide Caution can be found at

Access to all countries' travel advisories, posted by the U.S. government, can be reached from Only counties followed by the words "Travel Warning" have concerns that are more specific than the Worldwide Caution.


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