Sending something home?

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Sending something home?

First, this community has been SO helpful with my questions. When I return from my trip I will have to try to help others with their questions!

Ok, my question is has anyone sent an item home from Europe, Italy specifically? I was thinking of sending my winter clothes home when I get to Milan as I will not need them for that part of my trip. I was curious if this was too expensive or difficult to do. Anyone do it before? Thanks!!

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The Italian postal service has improved tremendously and you could send you clothing that way, but it is based on weight. How much clothing are you thinking of shipping? Are you traveling for an extended period that you think the weather will be that different?

Only you can decide if the cost of shipping is worth not carrying the extra clothing.
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I would be sending two coats, a couple pairs of gloves, maybe long underwear and a hat. I will be going up Mont Blanc and the peaks in the Berner Oberland on the lifts over the course of 6 days. I've read to plan on 32 degrees F and I don't want to be uncomfortable.
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Can't you get by with 1 coat for 6 days? Something light weight that you can add layers under; silk or thermal under ware, fleece vest, turtlenecks. Two coats is a lot.

How long will you be in Europe after visiting the BO? If only a short time you could check the extra clothes rather than mailing them. Or leave them at your Milan hotel if you're going some place else and then returning to Milan.
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we have shipped using mailboxes from italy for wine mostly - took the bottles in ourselves, saw them packed and got them back a few weeks later. we've also purchased glass and a venetian mask which were shipped directly by the merchant. In the case of the glass, we 'autographed' it - the seller told us it was a necessary precaution - to make sure it was the same when we received it. I also bought a tailor made leather blazer which arrived without incident. In any case, take a photo of you wearing the coat as both a souvenier and a way to show what it looked like in the event of loss or damage. All things considered, I'd find a way to avoid taking the extra clothes! its probably cheaper to take an extra suitcase and pay for the excess baggage than ship.
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I have a story for you! Toward the end of my solo trip a few years ago, I decided to lighten the load and send some stuff home.

I had a small box worth of stuff (jacket, big purse filled with souvenirs, etc). I went to the post office in Positano, but they don't sell boxes, I crossed the street to the Tabac and they don't sell boxes.

I stole a lidded box out of the alley behind a grocery store and took it to the post office.
They require parcels to be wrapped in paper, so I went back to the Tabac. Not trusting paper to actually stay on a box I put my address on the thing before covering it with the brown paper.

Finally got the thing packed, addressed, wrapped and addressed again - and was thankful for the help of some people in line, because the PO employees couldn't quite understand that I wanted to send this box someplace.

About three months later I received my box at home! It had landed in my local post office a little crushed, with tears in the paper and took some calls and digging in their back room to finally locate the thing. (No comment on Postal employees in either country)

It was a hassle and kind of expensive, but if there is a next time, I'd try to locate a FedEx office and just factor in the cost.
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Thanks for all the info so far! Two jackets meaning from myself and my travel companion. I will be in Italy for 10 days traveling to different towns, not just Milan. I just thought Milan would be good since it's the first town I'm going to and it's a big city to find supplies to ship the stuff home. Sheri, I liked your story!
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I think it would be cheaper to buy a second-hand Goretex jacket. I see them all the time at Goodwill for about $5.00. It would save you both time and money.

The hat and gloves aren't going to take up much space in your suitcase/backpack and don't need to be sent home.
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