Self defense...?

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Self defense...?

A man was arrested in Phoenix prior to boarding a plane for having plastic knives taped to his leg, allegedly for self defense.

I was once the victim of an attempted kidnapping. A man followed me from a place of business to a friend's house. It was fortunate that I did go to her home rather than returning to my own empty home.
I managed to keep him calm, and get a message out when I answered my girlfriend's phone. During the 45 minute wait for the police to get into position, my friend and I
decided that there was no way that I was leaving with him. She had been in middle of cooking something and I was able to arm myself with a kitchen knife, turn up the heat on what she was cooking, put salt in a glass of water to throw into his eyes, as we would have tried with the hot items on the stove, if we needed to.
I experienced an amazing degree of calmness and was able to keep him calm all the while planning to protect myself against injury or being taken into his vehicle.
We distracted him when we saw the police and they were able to enter the house and gain control of him. He was obviously unbalanced. What was very frightening was getting a phone call the next day and learning he had beat up 4 police officers and escaped! The next ten days were filled with terror. The police told me to get a gun, and if he gained entrance to my home, to shoot him and shoot to kill. They found him ten days later, jailed him until he was prosecuted. During his testimony he made references to wanting to have sex with me.
It was very bizarre and very scary.

I understand passengers wanting to protect themselves. Obviously, the question is how do you truly know what anyone's motives may be?

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The answer is you don't - stop worrying and get on with your life!!
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Wow, Sophia, how scary! Glad you suffered no harm. I would like protect myself and family. What does one do, however, to accomplish that? It is pretty impossible to arm yourself against everything.
Stories like yours makes me feel more powerful. Just like the brave passengers of Flight 93. God Bless 'em!
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Now that he's in custody, you might wish to re-think the ownership of a gun, particularly if you have children of any age or if any children ever visit you.
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Very scary Sophia. I have owned guns most of my life. My father was a farmet and a part time deputy sherif and taught me how to use, clean, dismantle and remantle guns when I was very young. If you do choose to purchase a gun, there are several things you must do. First learn how to take it apart and clean it. Seconed go to a good firing range and learn how to use it. Insure that it is always locked up (trigger lock, etc.) Be absoulty sure that NO CHILD could ever get to it for any reason.
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Thank you for your kind replies. As I read them today, I realized I should have included in my post that this occured a few years ago and I have since relocated. I feel quite removed from that situation, fortunately. I was frightened for a very long time.

My point was, we can be very resourceful, if needbe. I was actually amazed at the number of ways, I was able to "arm" myself. Given yesterday's incident with the emotionally ill individual, the terrorist's attacks we have seen so many places, we must develop a sense of what is going on around us, and learn to be as safe as possible. This isn't to say that we need to be paranoid, just aware.

My warmest regards,

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