Scotland souveniers

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Scotland souveniers

I was wondering what advise you might have about things to bring back from my trip to Scotland, besides Scotch whiskey and kilts?
Thank you.
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it is whisky (the one w/ the "e" is a different animal)

Not a kilt - unless you plan on spending hundreds and have a reason to wear it - like clan tents/ceidleihs back home.

But all sorts of knits/woolens/tartan, crystal, celtic jewelry, Caithness or Strathern blown glass paperweights, pottery, and on and on
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Shortbread and I especially recommend "Dark Chocolate Gingers" from Border (company). You can get them in the tourist information centre above Waverley station in Edinburgh
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There are some wonderful craft jewellers in Scotland, and if you can catch one of them that would be good.

Wool is always a good buy in Scotland. You may find it dear, but it'll be cheaper than you get FOR THE SAME QUALITY in the States.

Wood and horn ornaments




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Harris tweed caps, if only for the smell of the wool.
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If you go down Dundas Street in Edinburgh you'll find a number of art & jewellery makers - There's one, "The Ring Maker"? - who had my GF reaching for her CC's as soon as she went in the shop
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hello trish

When we marry a Scottish friend gave us what he named a cup between very good friends. Of our gifts, it has remained our favourite because it comes from him and had a special friendship meaning, but it is beautiful silver and the designs carved are amazing.

I cannot remember the name exactly but it was sounding like 'Kwith'. I search the web for the name but the word I remember does not match anything.

Maybe someone heer knows the correct word for it. I think you would like it very much as a souvenir.

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The word you are searching for is quaich.
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There is some very attractive jewelry made from heather--very colorful and cameo-like set in silver. I saw it throughout Scotland and a small shop on the Royal Mile had a large selection of heather jewelry. Enjoy your trip!
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How about something from a woollens store? I brought back a gorgeous scarf from my first trip.

One thing I bring back from every trip is a coffee table book loaded with pictures. I also bring back an authentic ethnic cookbook as I love to have ethnic dinners and re-live trips.
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We brought back a hand-painted tile (with a thistle on it) that we found at a little shop in Edinborough, and three tiny hand painted pictures (each about 3 inches square) that we found at a small gift shop at a church we stopped at. We have them up in our kitchen and I recall our trip everytime we see them. Look for unique handmade things at shops that are off the beaten path and you can find some treasures! We leave for Wales this afternoon, and I'm looking forward to finding some unique small things to bring home from there.
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Making the assumption that you are buying for yourself and not friends/family...

My souvenirs from Scotland were/are:

1. A gold ring with Celtic design, bought at a smal jewellry shop on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. I always wear it.

2. A 100% cashmere sweater, ohh sooo soft.

3. A bottle of "Mrs Walker's Drumgray Highland Cream Liqueur".

We bought a number of sampler size bottles of different cream liquers one day and tried them in our hotel room that night. Mrs. Walkers was my absolute favourite. I'm a big Bailey's fan, but this stuff is just sooo much better. I'm bringing two bottles back on my trip to London in a week. Already ordered and delivered to my friend's house.
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I had a Scotch egg once, that I will never forget.

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If you or someone you love is a knitter, skeins of beautiful Shetland yarn are nice. Bear in mind that a full sweater is going to require something like 20 skeins, and you won't be able to match dye lots later. But it's about the loveliest yarn you can get in the world, and costs a bomb here in the States.
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Here's a website for Skye silver. They do beautiful work.
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Thank you very much auldyins.

I spend some time reading about the gift. Very intresting.

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When I went I bought Christmas ornaments, so they'll remind me of my wonderful trip every time I see them on my tree. And of course I took hundreds of pics, bought a couple scarves, a tote bag, couple of books, more jewelry than I'll ever wear, and I found these soda/beer can kilts - called canny kilts - I put one on a doll, and gave a few as gifts to friends.
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I have a wee change purse that I bought for 99 pence 5 years ago. Every morning when I buy the paper for the office I'm right back on the coast of the Solway Firth!

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Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas. We leave on Monday for 23 days and I am very excited. I regretted that I did not bring home a hedgehog from England when I was there, so I feel more prepared for this trip.
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Skye Silver do have some beautiful pieces and they are just down the road from The Three Chimneys.
You can buy your gifts and have a lovely lunch afterwards.
In the Western Highlands there seem to be lots of little restaurants and tea-rooms with craft shops added on. You can often pick up really nice stuff in them.
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