Scandinavia Itinerary advice

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Scandinavia Itinerary advice

My fiance and I are planning a month-or-so long trip to Scandinavie - early Sep to Early Oct. We will be using a scanrail, so I guess that somewhat limits our destination. Following are the places we are set on going to, and then some we are considering, any advice on which of these are musts, how much time shouls be allocated to each, and what we didnt think of and must see, will be appreciated.

Copenhagen - 4 days
Oslo - 2 days.
Oslo-Flam 2 day (we've been to Bergen, not keen on going back so we're skipping that).
Lofoten - 4-5 days.
Stockholm - 4 days.

So this leaves us with 14 more days to fill. We are thinking of -
Trondheim, Tromso (I know we need a bust to get there, Kiruna, Helsinki.
Plus - given the limitations of traveling by trains, are there any must-see nature reserves that we can visit (ofcourse if its a reasonable bus travel to them from some train station, we can do that).
Any other ideas?
Thanks, Roy
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How about spending a couple more days in Stockholm! you won't want to leave once you see it for yourself!
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Just like ralf005 I was going to suggest a couple more days in Stockholm.

With 14 extra days you have so much space to fill, I don't know how it is that time of the year but maybe even heading to Bornholm for a few days maybe worth your wild... Its a very cool Danish island that is accessed easily from both Denmark and Sweden. (though I think the other places, Trondheim, Tromso, Kiruna and Helsinki would be great to make time for as well)

OR have you thought about going to St. Petersburg from Helsinki?? (I konw you need a VISA and stuff but Russia is such a magnificant country!) You would probably have time for a couple days there with your current itenerary and plans!
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Is there a reason you're leaving out Denmark? I think it's definitely worth a visit, particularly Copenhagen and the surrounding areas.
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Will - you didnt notice but Copenhagen is #1 on the list.
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I must be blind! Sorry.
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I agree with Ralf and MNP, a few more days in Stockholm and the St. Pete trip is a great idea from Helsinki. You can contact Silja ferry line about their packages, they even will arrange visas for you. Some of the fun things to see in stockholm include, the Vasa ship, city hall, skansen and tours out into the archipelago. Most all of the capital cities offer 'city cards' which for a fee allows admission into most all of the museums plus free public transport.
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Definitely Stockholm!

A fantastic city with fantastic people. History, nightlife, beautiful architecture, good'll find it all!

Try these guys - they have all you ever wanted to know:

My wife and I got some help from them in Stockholm last month and they gave us great service!

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I would appreciate advice on this possible itinerary:
Day 1 Arriving in Oslo and flying to Bodo
Day 2-4 Lofoten Islands (fly from Bodo to Bergen)
Day 5-6 (Rent a car) Bergen
Day 6 Leave Bergen mid day and head to Flam
Day 7-9 Fjord region
Day 10-12 driving to Stockholm
Day 13-14 Stockholm
Day 15-16 Visby
Day 17 Lake Malaren area
Day 18 Heading back to Oslo
Day 19 Oslo
Day 20 Leave Oslo
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Since you will be going by rail and don't need going to Bergen the obvious would be going by bus thru fjord country to Stryn, and from there across Stryn mountain to Otta and connect with the train to Trondheim. Then rail to Bodø for Lofoten. From Lofoten:
1. Either Hurtigruten boat to Tromsø and bus into Finland (bus stops running Sept. 23rd. and train to Helsinki.
2. Or less expensive, go to Narvik for the train to Kiruna and on to Stockholm.
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I would go north thru the fjords from Flåm instead of going back to Oslo. There is also a very nice summer bus route from Sogndal north of Flåm to Otta, but this stops running first weekend of September and I guess this is to early for you.
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I'd recommend anyone doing a ScanRail adventure and not having been there before two good sources: and - the latter to get their free and excellent European Planning & Rail Guide that has a good chapter on Scandinavia and its trains, with itineraries and details on the places you are going. They are also experts on Scan trains and will answer any questions 800-441-2387 IME, a rare thing today whether you buy a pass from them or not. RickSteves site also has great info. As does - the Scandinavian countries tourist office in the U.S. (including Finland even though it's not technically a Scandinavian country i think.)
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We took the ferry from Flam to Balestands and really enjoyed 2 nights there. We hiked around and took sea kayak lessons. I seem to recall that there was some discount on the ferry tickets with a scan rail pass.
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Scan railpass typically gives 50% off many boats and does not require the use of a day on the flexipass to get the discount, just that the overall pass validity period be in effect.
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ScanRail passes only come in 2nd class but long distance trains here do typically have first class seating.

For first class travel and its accompanying perks look at the Eurail Select Saverpass or if solo eurail select which really doesn't cost all that much more per day than the ScanRail pass.
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