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  • Favorite destinations
    Alps, Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Italian Lakes, Norway, Chicago, Vancouver Island
  • Destination wishlist
    New Zealand, Australia, South America, Russia, Santorini
  • Best travel tip
    GO NOW. Don't be afraid about not knowing the language. Try to get discounts. Don't knock something until trying...never desired to cruise,but have been to British Isles, Alaska and Baltic and enjoyed it!
  • Favorite hotel
    Any where overlooking water and mountains
  • Favorite restaurant
    Any place with a nice view of the water
  • Never travels without
    Maps, snacks, the knowledge that best memories come from unplanned moments
  • All-time best travel moment
    Flying over Denali
    Gondola ride in Venice
    Ultralight ride over Kauai coast. Seeing the Milky Way and Lions in the same moment.
  • Interests and hobbies
    Photography, rock collecting, exploring new places.
  • Quote
    Try experiences even if they cost more than you would like, then you won't have regrets when you return home.
    I like this from OzarkBill(inBoston)
    "Give thanks every day for good health and when you travel take photos, take notes, treasure the moments".
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