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I'm thinking of heading to Sark for a weekend of R&R - looking for somewhere peaceful for some scenic walking and general R&R. I'd also like a few shops/pubs/stores where I could fuel up though.

I'd fly to Guernsey and then take a taxi to one of the daily ferries.

Any advice appreciated - seems like people have been to Jersey and Guernsey but not so many to Sark itself.

Is the island worth a weekend, or is it better as a day trip?
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I'm heading to Sark from Guernsey next Saturday, but just for the afternoon. I think it is REALLY if you are looking for R&R it sounds like it could be the thing for you...but if you like more action Guernsey or Jersey might be better.

There are no cars on Sark its that tiny.
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I'd prefer Sarkozy.
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I've only visited for a day trip from Guernsey. It is a pretty island, worth exploring and certainly a place to relax and get away from it all. I'd considered staying a few day on Herm, which is even smaller and prettier but my chief concern would be what to do if the weather was bad. If the weather was fine, I'd be quite happy pottering around the coastline or relaxing on the beach but as UK weather is so unpredicatble, we've stuck to Guernsey (3 times now) and once to Jersey where at least there is a bit more to do if the weather turns bad.
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Please give a short report in the post when you return. I have been interested in going to Sark for 40 years.

Sark is an independent part of the UK which owes fealty only to the Queen. In return, the ruler must keep it free of pirates. A family friend is the ruler's cousin.
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The Channel Islands are vastly overrated and lack top class anything. This in itself is not a problem, but when you're charged t op dollar prices it becomes one. Also, in terms of natural beauty they are equally overrated... The tax benefits - which are vast - is the main draw for near impossible to obtain residency.

If your heart is set on British islands try the Scilly Isles which are far more dramatic and have a touch - albeit a very light one - of the Caribbean about them!
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I spent a couple days on Sark a few years ago. It's very small, as others have noted, but a lovely place on a nice day. Perfect for a weekend of R&R. You can walk everywhere, if you like to walk, or hire a pony cart to take you round. There are also one or two shops offering bicycles for hire, as I remember. On the way to La Coupee, which is the isthmus linking to Little Sark, there's a small chocolate factory with lovely handmade chocolates, good for a stop. The garden of La Seigneurie is worth a visit and there was a cart selling lovely ice creams just outside the gate. On a sunny day, it was enjoyable to sit at the small harbor and watch people coming and going from the boats. There are some great beaches, but it can be quite windy.
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Thanks all for the feedback - I'm leaning towards not going based on responses (have other places on my list to visit!), but will let you know should I indeed make the trip.
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I strongly disagree with m_kingdom2 - I found the Channel islands beautiful, especially in the spring sunshine with all the wild flowers. Yes, it can be expensive but it doesn't need to be, we have had relatively low budget weekends there. I suppose it depends what you like to do and what are your expectations. Judge for yourself - ufortunately no pictures of Sark, at the moment.
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There is relativley little light polution on Sark so night skies will be good. The tides in the area are the highest in the world and I don't think Sark has any protected beaches (unlike Guernsey and Jersey) which have some lovely ones.

The island is pretty high up so the views are great for photos etc.

weekend makes sense, if going longer I'd base Jersey/Guernsey with maybe a drop down to StMalo for a day
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No one mentions Alderney. Its size is the Goldilocks of the islands. Not big like Jersey and Guernsey and not teeny-tiny like Sark and Herm. Beautiful coastline views. Lots of wildflowers through at least June. The Channel Islands only railway! A nice lighthouse to tour.
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