safety question for Paris lovers

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safety question for Paris lovers

I see a lot of travelers on this board love Paris. So I must ask if anyone is familar with the neighborhood around Anvers and Pigalle metros? In particular, our visit to Paris next month will include a night spent at a club in that area, on blvd Rochechouart, I believe. I am concerned about the area outside the club, especially afterwards when it's late and we need to head back to our hotel. ((How late does the metro run? Would real cabs be readily available?)) I have heard negative things about this area of town in listings on this site and directly from friends who lived briefly in Paris. Is this still the case? Should we be overly cautious?
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I think you should be as cautious as possible, yes, in that area. Right on bd Rochecouart is not the greatest location, that's where all the activity is, as well as people looking for trouble or to make it. The metro runs until around 1 am, but you can check last schedules on for a particular line.

I don't know how easy it will be to find a cab at that hour on that street, sorry. I don't think it will be real easy because there doesn't appear to be any taxi stand nearby (at least not on my pocket Paris map book I have at my desk). Taxis generally only pick people up at official stands. The closest one, where you should go, is probably at Blanche metro stop.
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I stayed in that area once and I would characterize it as more seedy than outright dangerous, but I agree with Christina. There is certainly safety in numbers and so if you are in a group, I would be far less concerned. There is a lot of street activity in the area late at night (for better or worse, but lots of people is generally a good thing.) It is the Red Light District of Paris, with lots of sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs, etc. Your chances of personally being victimized are probably not all that great, but it certainly isn't the same as life in the 6th or 7th in terms of the ambiance.
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That area is seedy but not terribly dangerous. The areas where all the people are are particularly harmless. It's true that the Métro stops at around 1 AM and taxis don't seem to be plentiful around there (although perhaps they are around the Moulin Rouge when the shows let out). I've walked through there at very late hours without ever having a problem.
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We stayed at Hotel Square D'Anvers last March, which is 1/2 block from the Anvers Metro. The area is a little rundown, but I did not think it was necessarily frightening. The Anvers metro stop is on Rue de Rochechouart. There is an old nightclub there that booked a heavy metal band one night so the area was well populated by young adults in club clothes. There was a greater number of security officers around during that time as a precaution. If this is the club, it is directly in front of the Metro, so I think it would be fairly safe considering the extra security and the closeness to the Metro stop itself.

There are a fair number of people walking around the Anvers station because it is the stop for Sacre Couer.

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You can always find the first and last Métro trains through a given stop here:
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By the way, the peep shows etc. are closer to the Pigelle metro, not Anvers. I don't recall seeing people hanging out looking for trouble in this area or approaching us. There were four of us, all women, with two being very attractive 28 year olds. We never had a problem, but we also are very aware of our surroundings.
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Regarding Anvers and Pigalle, which andissement are they located? 10th? 13th? Any other areas to be cautious of?
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Anvers is considered the 9th, but it is on the edge of the 18th. Moulin Rouge is in the 18th so I would assume that Pigalle is also.
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I would recommend leaving absolutely everything you do not need for the evening in your hotel safe. Take only the cash you need and one card each (not in a wallet) secured in an inside zipper pocket or such. And, I wouldn't get overly dressed up (with a nicer watch, lots of jewelry, etc.).

There are taxi stands on blvd Rochechouart opposite both the Anvers (this one would be my choice) and Barbes Rochechouart metro stations. There's another toward Pigalle station where the road becomes blvd de Clichy at le Duc. After walking down the steps at Sacre Coeur to Anvers late at night, we've never waited long for a taxi.

I think this is one of those areas where it's just prudent to be extra careful.
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Typical urban caution is more than sufficient. The presence of plainclothes police is very high, and they look really grungy, so you will never spot them unless you see them making an arrest.
Once you consider the fact that the highest crime rate in Paris against tourists is on the Champs Elysées, it might put things in perspective.
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