Rothenburg to Salzburg

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Rothenburg to Salzburg

Hi all,

I could use some opinions from those of you who are experienced Germany travellers.

We have a plan to leave Rothenburg early in the morning, drive to Dachau for a visit and then go straight to Salzburg.

Do you think this will be doable or too great of a distance to do in one day plus stopping for a visit in Dachau?

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It's certainly doable. According to the route planner at, the trip from Rothenberg to Munich is around 137 miles, so figure around 2 hours. The trip from Munich to Salzburg is about 80 miles, so around 1/1/4 hours. I spent about two hours at Dachau.
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Heidi, If you are not returning to Rothenburg on that same day, you could do it.

Leaving Rothenburg in the morning, take autobahn A7 to Ulm, then A8 to Munich. Dachau is about 20 km northwest of Munich. You can visit the Dachau camp in about two hours, if need be. Continue on to Salzburg along A8 again and you can make it in just over two hours, depending on traffic and your cruising speed. Don't forget to purchase your driving vignette for Austria at a service station in Germany prior to crossing the border.

You could be having dinner in the fortress above Salzburg that evening.
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Thanks for the confirmation!
Also, thanks Lee for reminding me of the driving vignette to enter Austria.
I'm feeling better about our travel plans.
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I'm planning to do this stretch next Summer. Can anyone who has picked up a car in Germany and dropped in Austria let me know approximately how great the cost is for not dropping it in Germany?

Thank you.
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(continuing from post above)

Or, would it be better to train Frankfurt-Rothenburg-Salzburg?

Any advice is welcome.
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Heidi -- Just as an FYI, Dachau is closed on Monday (don't want you to show up and be disappointed).

Tagalong -- we picked up a car in Calais, drove it through Germany and Italy, and dropped it off in Frankfurt. Rented it through Autoeurope -- I do not believe there was much of a charge (if at all) for picking up in one place and dropping off at another. At any rate, they can give you a super quick quote if you go to their website. Good luck.


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john s.
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What's the deal with a driving vignette? I've driven between Germany & Austria the last 2 summers and didn't need anything....they don't even have border checks anymore.
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Well, Heidi, I guess you're lucky. I just looked it up: You're supposed to buy a sticker (10 days for about $ 8.00) for using the autobahn in Austria. They also have yearly and 2-month (?) stickers. The fine for being caught without this sticker, which is supposed to be displayed on your car's windscreen, was raised to about $ 110.00 last December.
I found this info in a press release of the German Automobile Club ADAC. They have signs pointing this out, when entering the country, if I remember correctly.

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