Rome Top 10 List

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Rome Top 10 List

What's your top 10 things to do , see, eat, feel or enjoy about Rome ?
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Lorenz, try doing a search - there was a very extensive thread on this earlier this year.
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Lorenz, I topped 'Help, first time in Rome' for you but it's not as detailed as I remember it being...hope it helps a bit.
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Oh, come on people - play along!

10) Pizza!
9) Gelato
8) Sitting in a piazza with a good book and lots of atmosphere
7) The Pantheon
6) The Roman Forum at night
5) The outside of the Colosseum
4) View of Rome and St. Peter's from Castello Sant'Angelo
3) St. Peter's early in the morning when it's somewhat empty
2) The people (Italians and tourists from all over the world)
1) Getting lost on the smaller side streets
Old Nov 12th, 2002, 05:59 AM
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Most of them covered above but...

1. Colleseum
2. Circus Maximus
3. Red wine
4. The Forum
5. Pizza
6. Mopeds
7. Catching a Sunday when all the roads around the centre are closed and thousands of Romans are walking about in the sun enjoying their own city.
8. Colleseum Kittens.

Plus the other ten above!
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Places to eat? La Carbonara and Le Volte are two to recommend... and here's a list of reviews from a site I had not seen before (contains both of these) with good solid reading:

There are so many other good little nuggests scattered all over this forum, and hundreds of other places in the internet. Search "Buccone", for example... or here are two other recent good tips:

Author: Jasmine, Scala Reale ([email protected])
Date: 11/11/2002, 08:20 am

Message: Vita,

I recommend Bibli bookstore: Via dei Fienaroli, 27/28 in the Trastevere neighborhood. It has an indoor/outdoor cafe, internet stations, English language books and plenty of space to curl up and read. There are often book readings and lectures in the evenings.

Another option is the Bar di Fico on the Piazza di Fico just up from Piazza Navona. It's a local neighborhood just around the corner from the tourist quarters, and offers quiet, good music, and reasonably priced wine with indoor and outdoor seating. This place is good for reading or playing chess in the daytime, but in the evening becomes a bit more chic and noisy.

Hope this helps,



Author: Book Chick ([email protected])
Date: 11/11/2002, 09:10 am

Message: Hi Vita,
"The Vittoriano", the monument to Victor Emmanuelle (aka "the wedding cake") is now open to the public. There's a cafe up at the top, with a wonderful view of the Roman skyline. Ditto the view at the top of Castel Sant'Angelo, where there's a coffee bar & I actually very comfortably sipped espresso at an outdoor table in Rome in January of this year up there.

Buon Viaggio,


Best wishes,


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no one mentioned one of my favorites, the Borghese Gallery. It's not to be missed.
Old Nov 12th, 2002, 08:01 AM
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Fontana di Trevi; Vatican Museums;a day in Trastevere; Campo di Fiore; Palazzo Farnese; a walk on Via Guila; gelato; Piazza Navona; passagiatto on Via del Corso at twilight...
Old Nov 12th, 2002, 08:05 AM
uncle sam
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1. Roman Forum
2. Coliseum
3. Pantheon
4. St. Peters
5. Vatican Museum
6. Passe Giata on Via Coduti (sp?)
7. Borgehse Gallery and the grounds for a walk
8. View of Rome from the top of the Spanish steps
9. Wandering and getting lost in Trastevere
10. The Elephant statue behind the Pantheon..proves us right wing Republicans are popular everywhere;~0

Old Nov 12th, 2002, 12:07 PM
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1 Il Vittoriana Monument lit up at night
2 The Colloseum at night
3 The Forum at night
4 Trevi Fountain
5 Walking straight from the Forum into the middle of Piazza Campidoglio and the Capitoline Museums
6 View from the top of St Peters
7 Zeus restaurant on Via Nazionale
8 The size of the hole in the roof of the Pantheon
9 not getting ripped of in cafes (ie. Paris) over the price of a coffee or a beer
10 The atmosphere
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PS to the above
11 the right hand exit from the back of the Sistine Chapel right to the side of St Peters.
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Borghese Gallery, St Peter's Cathedral, Piazza Venizia, Trevi Fountain at night, Gelateria de la Palma, Piazza Navonna at night. So much to see and do. Have fun
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1. The old city clocktower
2. Tour Home-on-the-Hill
3. Visit Boswell cabin
4. The Romulus and Remus statues at
the Muni Bldg.
5. Civil War Noble Machine shop lathe
6. Boswell Cabin on a sunny afternoon
7. Tour the Martha Berry Museum
8. The view from Myrtle Hill Cemetery
9. Chieftans Museum
10. Fort Norton/Fort Jackson
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Ken Slanker
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Just a comment about Jimbo's #7 ....walking on Sunday.....with roads closed.

I noticed that too. We walked toward the Spanish Steps from Fontana de Trevi. What impressed me was the Romans walking hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm. No one was threatening or posturing like in the U.S. You couldn't do in the U.S. what they were doing. There would be fights breaking out all over and Handguns flashing every where.

That really impressed me.
Old Nov 13th, 2002, 04:06 PM
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Ken, where exactly have you been walking in the US? Fights breaking out and handguns flashing everywhere?
Old Nov 15th, 2002, 01:40 PM
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I agree with "what??"
Old Nov 15th, 2002, 07:21 PM
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I agree with What?? too, but am curious why huh? uses only one question mark.
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