Your favorite things to do/see in Rome?

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Your favorite things to do/see in Rome?

We have a short visit in Rome, one of those days being a Sunday over the summer (will everything be closed?!) -- so what are your favorite things to do/see? Of course the traditional landmarks (tell me why we should spend time at one perhaps over the other) but are there less popular activities that you really loved as well?

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If you are there a short time, stick to the "more popular" places. There are too many to cover in a few short days.
I will return this fall for my ninth time, most at least a week long. I obviously love Rome.
We have seen many things not listed as top 10 in Rome, but the top ten still should be seen.
Everyone has differebnt tastes, but my highlights have been the two Scavi tours at the Vatican, the Cistine chapel, eating lunch under the pillars of the Temple of Vesta at Tivoli, meeting Fodor and ST folks for GTG's, wandering the streets near Navona at night, ...I could go on.
I usually say rome needs at least 4 nights the first visit. It's fast paced and has so much to offer that it overwhelms many. Whenever I hear "Oh, I didn't like Rome.", I ask "how long did you stay"? Invariably they'd say something like two days. So ,if a short stay don't try and do it all in a short time.
Sundays seem "closed down" much more than you'd expect. Shops are closed,but it's a good day to hit museums, forum, etc. all are open (not Vatican museums).
The major Piazza's will be hopping with people and restaurants do a huge lunch business. Some restaurants are closed Sunday night, so plan ahead.
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We just recently decided to alter our upcoming itinerary to delete Venice (I know that's a "crime" here but hey, too bad) in favor of Rome.

depending on might include places like the Borghese Gallery in the city and a stroll into Trastevere....IMO the Trevi while wonderful doesn't take forever to see and the INFAMOUS Spanish Stairs (as they are often called IN Rome) don't actually DO anything..popping into the MacDonald's at the bottom can yield even more interesting sights.

But seriously, there are so many things to see but I have to say one of my own favorites is to inspect at close range the faux, yes FAUX (unfortunately) marble in St. Peter's...and don't rule out going to St. John Laterano and even the catacombs...all great fun and worth the effort..IOW run around and pack them can sleep when you get home!
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The hop on-hop off bus gives a nice overall tour of the highlights of Rome, which is nice for a quick trip.

My favorite place of the top sights is probably the Roman Forum. Renting the audio tour and walking around there makes ancient Rome come to life for me. I always find it fascinating.

And yes, a stroll through Trastevere is absolutely delightful, even if I do get terribly turned around with all the winding streets!

Just make sure to make time for sitting at a table outside a bar in a piazza with a nice glass of wine and watch life happen. And ambling down the street for an amazing plate of pasta. And then around the corner for a gelato. Life doesn't get much better than that!
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the favourite things to do and see?
Walk in the city center and be see around you!!!every sep a great corner a magnificent church a typical shop, if you want feel Rome..go around walking among piazza navona area, campo de fiori, trastevere, circo massimo, piazza del popolo, rome is an opened museum with daily life passing inside....catch it walking around it and stop whereever you feel it.
About accomodation my advice is not choose a cold hotel but choose a beautiful central apartment rented directly from owenrs on some web sites like:

enjoy your stay, i am sure you will
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We just got back from Rome and was there last Sunday (only for that day). We wanted to visit the Cistine Chapel but it was closed. Not sure if it was closed due to it being a Sunday or because it was Independence Day that day. We went back to St. Peter's Square and was able to see the Pope from his window. They say he does that on Sundays maybe twice and give His blessings! Thought it was awesome coz how often do Rome visitors get the chance to see the Pope! We really were blessed!

Hope we can go back again for a longer stay next time.
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St. Peters Cathedral is NOT to be missed! If possible, also get tickets for the Scavi Tour . It was amazing!
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It is a tradegy that you will not have longer in this great city. You should see the "normal" sites; the Vatican and the Sistene Chapel, The Pantheon, The Coliseum, The Forum, etc. You should see the Trevi fountain at night while eating gelato from Giolletti (near Piazza Colonna and Camp di Fiori. Go to the Piazza Navona at night. It is great fun. Make reservations for what you are planning to do in advance so that you do not have to waste time in lines.

Have fun. Rome is a wonderful city.
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I loved climbing up inside the domeof St. Peters - first you take an elevator and come out on sort of a "cat walk" from where you look down into the cathedral - also you see some of the artowrk up close - gives you a new and amazing perspective on the place. Then you will climb and climb and climb up the interior of the dome - not for the claustraphobic but again, gives you a whole new perspective - at the top you can go out onto a roof - see the Vatcian gardens, St. Peter's square and onward for a grand overview of the city. Really a great experience but does take several hours.
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We always take time to visit the cats in the Largo Argentina. It is so nice to see them sunning themselves in the ruins and to know that they are cared for by dedicated people. Italians run an advanced type of animal welfare, neutering and releasing, they never put down cats or dogs.
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