Rome lunch ?

Sep 8th, 2001, 08:44 AM
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Rome lunch ?

Tried to do a look up but it pulled all sorts of stuff up--Anyway I want to eat lunch near the sites .Will spend the morning at the Vatican. Going to try to get to the Pantheon and the fountain and down past the Forum later(I know,good luck!!) I would like to try some great stuff like fried squash blossoms and antipastis.Don't really have time for the expensive(3-hour) restaurants and don't want to eat pizza on the street. Any suggestions on a budget to low moderate choice with great food--tHANKS
Sep 8th, 2001, 10:08 AM
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Your question is slightly oxymoronic - - a place that includes "fried squash blossoms" at lunch sounds to me like "slow food" (a term of praise in Italy - - as opposed to the pejorative "fast food").

And you are going to need to be on a FAST horse (or start early in the morning, or both) - - if you plan to see BOTH the Musei Vaticano (where the Sistine Chapel is) AND St. Peter's before lunch.

But not to worry - - you can still eat Roman style - - a bit later, past noon - - and slower, too - - and still wind your way around the Centro Storico (Pantheon, Trevi Fountain) in the afternoon. You'll shortchange SOMEthing - - perhaps your time at/near toh Forum/colosseum - - but hey - - c'e Italia!

but the real reason I posted was to share this - - I tried simply searching "squash blossoms rome restaurants" on Yahoo - - and got an interesting collection of "hits".

This restaurant sounds like exactly what you are looking to find:


though I am sure there are many others; near the Pantheon, I can personally recommend Le Volte (about 200 yards away)...

but the funniest URL I got from Yahoo is this one!

When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
... do fly off to Rome on a moment's ... and their friendship blossoms. In one sequence ... haircut,
an early squash game." Sally is ... article he wrote: "Restaurants are to ...

Cotains all four words! Rome, blossoms, squash, restaurants - - too funny!!

Best wishes,

Sep 8th, 2001, 11:56 AM
bob clearey
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Sherry: dont go to rome with a lot of preconceived ideas about food. These people invented food. Besides, I never even heard of that particular food or whatever it is.
Walk down any street in Rome & enter any
highly recommended restaurant. If it is crowded, walk out and go the the next restaurant & it will be equally as good.
This is food city, man/woman!
I am Irish & my wife is Italian gourmet cook and they surprised her and certainly me.
Sep 8th, 2001, 02:27 PM
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Thanks --yes I will hit only the chapel and quick church view and onward--I could forgo the tickets to the forum and view from the Palatine hill? What's the best view from above? Have only one day this time I will save things for another time--Like the commercial for Kodak!! Like the restaurant!!! Thanks
Sep 8th, 2001, 02:33 PM
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Just a warning - - it's very, very difficult (and maybe not even worth it?) to just "hit the chapel?" - - a trip into the Vatican Museum is designed to lead you all the way down one length of the museum (it's shaped like an elongated U - - with the Sistine Chapel roughly at the inflection point) and back up the other side. The hall of maps might be as worthwhile - - if not better than the Sistine Chapel.
Sep 8th, 2001, 02:39 PM
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I don't know about squash blossoms. There may well be a restaurant that has them.

If you'd like a quite recommendable restaurant (reliable for us over 35 years) that's convenient to the middle of your one-day forced march, then consider Ristorante Abruzzi. It's near roughly halfway between Trevi and the Piazaz Venezia, quite near the Roman and Imperial Forums and not far from the Colosseum.

There's no view in Rome quite like the view of the Roman Forum and cityscape from the edge of the Palatine Hill.

"Seeing" Rome in one day is almost a sacrilege to some, but one can run out a pretty good overview in that time when it's necessary to do so. I've drafted a plan for just such a thing (after years of reluctance) and you'll find it at You'll find a better description of the location of Ristorante Abruzzi there also.
Sep 8th, 2001, 03:38 PM
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Try any restaurant that has lots of scooters parked outside - you know how Italians like their scooters! One restaurant that I went to that was full of Italians and trainee priests was on Via Parione and was well worth a visit!

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