Roman ghosts?

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Roman ghosts?

I was watching the History International Channel last night on Roman Emperors and was wondering if any of you have ever experienced
anything like paranormal events or feelings while visiting ancient Rome. Ever feel or "see" any Roman spirits? If they are anywhere they should be there.
This is not a troll, just curious, I got really strange "vibes" at some places in Ireland.
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I have to say, I have never felt a ghostly presence in Italy, but I sure did run out of a castle in Ireland, when I thought someone was walking behind me and turned and no one was there!
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Though not related to italy, here's a ghost in which I'm one of the...not exactly heroes.

The setting is caricatural but authentic: I and a friend, both teenagers were for the week-end in a an old house his parents owned in the countryside. It was in a tiny insulated hamlet, and the only other houses were deserted at this time of the year. His parents had brought us there and so we had no car (in France one can't drive before 18, and we were perhaps 16). Last caricatural note : the house was really old and used to be a tavern and a posting-house (I will learn it only later during the night)

So, at some point during the night (and we weren't drunk nor high) we decided it was time to go to bed. The bedrooms were on the second floor. I was beginning to prepare my bed when my friend entered suddenly saying : "did you hear?". I have heard nothing, and so i said. He left with a suspicious glance. Some minutes later, gosh! Did I hear! Moanings. Exactly the kind of moanings one would expect from a ghost :long, repetitive, one word : totally frightening!

I immediatly rushed out of my bedroom and once in the corridor I saw my friend exiting from his. We immediatly began to accuse each other to be making a joke. And while we were arguing, you guess it : the moanings again!

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Totally frightened, we took the emergency measures dictated by the situation : we took my matress and sheets, put them in his bedroom, closed it and pushed some piece of furniture against it for more safety.

His parents or grand parents happened to be believers and catholic, so we took a cross and a tiny statue of Mary
which happened to be in this part of the house. Feeling concerned by the relative efficiency of these weapons, we had an argument which he closed by saying that since it was HIS parent's house, he would keep the cross and i would keep the statue.

What a night we had! For hours, we heard the moanings, which would last for perhaps one minute,stops then perhaps ten minutes later resumes and resumes again. At this point, my friend told me about the history of the house, and you can figure out all the events we silently imagined which could have took place in the former tavern.

The moanings were obviously "moving" from one side of the house to the other and were coming from the ground level. From the inside or from the inside, we were disagreeing. But there was no way we would have left the supposed safety of our room to check what was happening at the first floor (where of course was the phone).
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What a great memory, Clair.!
At a villa in France which we rented none of us could bring ourselves to sleep in one of the rooms, it seemed so
eerie and, well, spooky. It was also alot colder than the rest of the house,
it gives me the chills to think of it now even. The person who was supposed to sleep in it even slept in the main room, to avoid it. But your house with moaning beats it!
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After a very long time (and subjectively even longer), the moanings seemed to cease. We waited for some time and somewhat reinsured, heroically opened the shutters. It was dawn! We eventually felt asleep, whith still the door blocked and our religious items, just in case.

The first thing we did once awakened was to call his parents, tell them what happened during the night, and ask them to come and bring us back to Paris. However, of course, they didn't take the story very seriously, and having other projects were unwilling to come. They tried to reinsure us, by making various suppositions about the possible origins of the moanings, like fighting cats ot something to this effect (I learnt later they have actually supposed it was neighbors believing they were alone and making love noisily outdoor : but actually there were no neighbors and I would never make love with a woman moaning like that!)

So we had to spend another night in the now supposedly haunted house. I've few memories about the following day, but anyway we didn't exactly feel reassured, as you can easily imagine. However, nothing happened during the following night, and his parents went and brought us back to a safe place at the end of the week-end.

Despite the (real) story I just reported, I don't believe in ghosts. I suppose there's some rational though probably weird or funny explanation I can't figure out any more. I've been strenghtened in this opinion by a story a former gf told me (I'm going to shorten this one a lot). Once, when she was a child, her and her brother have been extremely frightened at the dusk by very weird noises. But contrarily to us, after some time, they found the courage to leave their refuge (a rowing boat) and check the origin of the noises. Actually, it was a mere cow which was kept in a very unusual situation and was trying to free itself.

So I suppose that if we also have displayed a little courage and have decided to check the 1st floor we would have discovered that the origin of the moanings was.....err....anyway, we didn't check!!!
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