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Jun 14th, 2007, 12:23 AM
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>>>dweeb = dork, nerd<<<. However the vast majority of comments in this thread would indicate that most people don't think that at all. Which makes me feel better because I've always found his guides very useful. Unfortunately I don't have access to his TV shows. Wish I did.

Ironically, before I'd heard of RS, I had a travel agency, and my particular area of specialisation in the agency was European itinerary planning for older people who had been advised (usually by well-meaning offspring)that travelling independently was too hard or dangerous for older folks and that they should go on an escorted tour instead. It really fired me up! (I myself was in my 50's when I first backpacked across Europe and Central Turkey).

Not that I would ever try to talk a client out of what they wanted to do. But those who came to me were those who wanted to do it independently but had had their confidence eroded to the point where they had become convinced it was beyond them. Many had saved all their lives for what to them was a once in a lifetime European vacation (such is the reality for those who live so far away as to make travel costs and time away prohibitive for most "still working" people), and didn't want to fritter it away on a trip that was less than their "dream".
My itineraries and efforts led to some happy stories and feedback from grateful clients, making for great job satisfaction and even occasionally some lasting friendships.

So you can perhaps see why, when 4-5 years ago (and after leaving the travel business) I discovered RS, I was impressed. Here was a guy who was into the same thing: making it easy for the less confident by virtue of well-planned and logical itineraries. Full marks to him, I say.
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