Rhine vs. Romantic Road

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Rhine vs. Romantic Road

My family and I will be flying out of Frankfurt at the end of our trip this summer, and we will be coming north from Innsbruck to Frankfurt. Based on our schedule, we have to choose among the following:

A. One day and night in Munich and a leisurely trip up the Romantic Road with an overnight stop in Rothenburg;

B. One day and night in Munich, a quick trip up the Romantic Road without an overnight stop, and a short Rhine cruise; or

C. Two days and nights in Munich, fast train to Frankfurt, Rhine cruise.

My sense is that yBy might be too ambitious at the end of our trip, so I guess the choice is really between the Rhine and the Romantic Road. Any advice? For what itys worth, itys our first trip to Europe and weyre traveling with two boys, ages 12 and 14.
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I'd spend the two days in Munich and forgo the Romantic Road or the Rhine cruise. Munich has much to offer.

But, if you must, I would do the day and night in Munich then the leisurely drive up the Romantic Road with the overnight stop in Rhotenburg.

I have been to Rhotenburg twice and love the little town. Very touristy, but quaint. I wish I had spent more time in Munich (spend three days there).
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You'll find plenty to do in Munich and if you really want to do Rothenburg from Munich you can do it in a long day, and by train, if necessary.
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Having done all of the above I would choose to leave Frankfurt immediately (I'm assuming you're flying into Frankfurt). I would head immediately to the Rhine with a night in Rudeshiem (very cute town), a cruise up the Rhine getting off particularly in St Goar - however, there's many great towns). Munich is wonderful but I think the boys would much more enjoy the boat trip - you can get on/off wherever.

Other than the Wies Kirche on the Romantic Road and then Rothenburg (which is terrific) it's a long drive and not that great, in my opinion.
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I think the youngsters would probably find the Rhine to be the more interesting than the Romantic Road, but you should allow a little time to actually see some stuff. The Rhine cruise is fine; it's a beautiful ride past cliffsides and vineyards and castles. But frankly, it's also a little geriatric. The boats often get pretty hot and crowded in the summer, and if you do it, you should probably not plan to spend more than a couple hours on the boat (Rudesheim to St. Goar might be a little too far; try Oberwesel to Braubach?)

The boys will probably enjoy the land attractions more than the boat ride. In Braubach you can tour the only never-destroyed castle on the Rhine - Marksburg - and in St. Goar, the Rheinfels Castle ruins can be good for a short walk-through. Across the river from St. Goar (there's a ferry there), just north of St. Goarshausen, Maus Castle has two birds-of-prey shows daily, with swooping hawks and falcons - very cool. Bacharach, Boppard, and Oberwesel are pleasant old towns for strolling, sightseeing, and summer goings-on. There is a near-continuous bike route separate from the main river road along the west bank of the Rhine that connects the villages there; this might be a good way to vary your car - stoll - car travel routine and to see the place from yet another perspective.

So basically, I think it might be a little foolish to try to see Munich and then race up to the Rhine just for a boat cruise - you might shortchange yourselves on both ends. If you want to see a major German city, Munich's a good place; for a more rural experience, head to the Rhine.

The Romantic Road in summer can be trying - it's a popular (Rothenburg will be like a tourist-ant farm) and slow-going route that will probably eat up a lot of your time.

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If I were choosing Id take the Rhine,staying in St.Goar or Bacarach.For teenage boys they would enjoy this more then the romantic road.
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I have done all of these scenarios. As you state that this is the end and not the beginning of your trip, you probably want to relax a little.

For this I would do the one night to see Munich...which is large and will have plenty of traffic...and then head to Rothenburg for one night.

Arrive in Rothenburg in time to take your kids on the Nightwatchmans tour in English that leaves from the main town square at 8pm. He makes it fun and you learn about the city. Then get a good nights sleep and head to Frankfurt for the airport.

Another thing the kids may enjoy in Rothenburg is the Criminal Museum. It has a good display of how they treated various crimes in the middle ages.

We usually end our Europe trips to Germany by overnighting in Heidelberg. Nice old town and then we get up early and do the short shot on the autobahn to the airport. You definitely should spend the night in Rothenburg and save the Rhine for the next trip.
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I too have done all three and would choose Munich and the Rhine. Be sure and take the boys to the technological museum in Munich. It is called the Deutches (sp)Meuseum. Fun, interesting, with lots of hands-on exhibits. You might want to spend an least an afternoon in Salsburg. Have fun.
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Thanks for all the helpful information! We decided to skip the Romantic Road in favor of two nights on the Rhine as a more relaxing way to end our trip. We'll save Rothenburg for next time.
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