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Poor Wife
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As a poor wife who was recently sent to Coventry by her husband, I am looking for advice for my next trip. I have a feeling this may be pretty soon after vomiting in his shoes after a rough night out with the girls. Any places that you could suggest I could visit would be good as I found it very cold and silent on my last trip.


PS Hope the American users understand this message!
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I don't, dearheart, please do tell.
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I didn't know either though I've heard the phrase before. I looked it up through Google, and here it is (now I know I need to get a life, but it is interesting):

"Coventry: What was special about this city, and what is its association with one's being ignored?

: The link below will take you to a rather lengthy explanation of the whole Coventry phrase.

: In a nutshell, Charles I in 1642 was suspected of being a Catholic in secret. As a result he and parliament often had run-ins and eventually the king left London and built an army as did parliament, thus were sown the seeds of the English Civil War. See link for more info.

Sent to Coventry; if someone is "sent to Coventry" then they are shunned by their fellow citizens and friends. There are three possible explanations for this phrase. The first comes from the English Civil War. Birmingham was strongly Parliamentarian; the citizens were aware of a small group of Royalists in their midst. Some of these they killed and others they "exiled" to nearby Royalist Coventry. I don't like this explanation since, by being sent to Coventry, these people were rescued. In truth they had good fortune - their colleagues were killed.

The second possibility rings a little truer. In this case the citizens of Coventry were in a phase of hating the military, possibly also as a result of the Civil War. Such was this hate that the young women of the town were forbidden to speak to the soldiers garrisoned there. Naturally no soldier welcomed such a posting.

The third possibility is the one that I like best. It is suggested that the name Coventry is derived from Covin-tree, an oak which is supposed to have stood in front of the castle in feudal times. The tree was used as the gallows and those to be executed were sent to the covin-tree."
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I thought they went to Coventry for the weekend to take in a football match or something. No?
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Poor Wife
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Thanks for the suggestion about the football match, however should Coventry loose, it could make things decidedly worse!

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