Pubs with Kids

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Pubs with Kids

We are going to London next month, staying in South Kensington (Park International). We would like to go to a pub for a meal with our two teenagers. Any suggestions?
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I'm sure there are people on this board more up to speed with pubs in London than I am (three trips spead out over 20 years, only one with kids in tow), but we found pubs would not let kids in (this was 2 years ago), and we were in South Kensington. Our kids were 10 and 13 then, so maybe the age makes a difference.
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I had my niece and nephew with me in June 2001, ages 14 & 13 at the time. We were in Edinburgh, Winchester and London. It was very hit and miss with getting them into pubs so I finally asked a few bartenders.

They said it depended upon the license the pub had and the pub policy. Some pubs run a "family" room where children are allowed to sit and eat with adults. Other pubs were receptive to children, but only until a determined hour like 7 or 8pm. I'm wondering if they had a license for a family room but booted the kids out to make room for more adults?

The best I can suggest is to ask at your hotel if they know of a pub nearby with a family room, or one willing to let kids in.

This was what I picked up chatting with a few bartenders. If anyone knows of any set rules or anything to make it easier to determine, I'd love to find out too.
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Look for pubs w/ outdoor seating. Children are almost always allowed to sit outside.
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We've taken the kids to London a couple of times and generally don't have any trouble. I usually go in to ask first and if you're eating lunch, most seem to allow it.

Take a look at They provide a list of pubs that allow children.

I highly recommend Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich or Ye Olde Chesire Cheese in London (try lunch in the lowest floor of the basement; it's like going back in time).
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Sorry I just reached for the book to give you chapter and verse on children's certificates to find the volume missing. I'll come back to you on this.
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A couple suggestions: At Ben Haines' suggestion, we ate lunch at the Albert, near Victoria Station. There is a small room behind the bar (to the right, if facing the bar), that was less smokey and quieter. Also, we revisited one of our favorites, the Lamb and Flag (Bucket of Blood) a block or so off Covent Garden. Upstairs, we were able to have a pint with a child in tow. Didn't eat this time, but a few years ago the food was very substantial.
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We just got back from London 3 weeks ago & took along our 2 teens. We had no problem in pubs but we did pick ones that didn't look all drink & no food, if that makes any sense. We enjoyed one by the 1/2 price ticket booth in Leicester Square. I think it was called Moon Under the Water.We also ate at Garfunkel's in Victoria Station. I think it is a chain with several locations but the teens liked it, especially the desserts. We also hit a mediterranean place called Bar Med.The chicken with lime & curry was very good.
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David is correct - it depends on the licence. Some will have a specific "family area" where you will have to sit, others may have a time restriction, and some (like my local) have no restriction at all and kids can move about as freely as adults.

On the whole, pubs that don't allow children will say so. Ones to avoid which definately do not permit children are the All Bar One chain and all Wetherspoons' pubs (like The Moon Under Water - you must have got lucky, Ben, as they are really strict on the "no under 21" rule, even though the drinking age is 18.)

To some extent, though, it depends on your kids. I suspect that if they're with you and look old enough they won't be questioned - being asked for age ID in a pub in the UK is virtually unheard of. You might even be able to buy them a drink with their meal....
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Was in London two weeks ago and ate at the Duke of York near Victoria Station. They had a bar downstairs, restaurant upstairs, and kids were allowed in the restaurant.

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