Positano to Capri

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Positano to Capri

Help- I am going to Positano in late May and would like to know what is the best way to get to Capri and the fastest. Also can Capri be seen in one day or is it too much for a day trip? any Good eats in Positano????
Thanks, Claudia
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We went from Positano to Capri for the day in April. There is a boat you can catch on the beach. We were there at 8:30 to get tickets for the 9:00 trip. I believe a second trip is scheduled for 10:00, however, the waters were rough and only one trip was made at 10:00 (the boat almost didn't go), returning at 5:00. The boat left right at 5:00. With the rough waters, it took more time to load and unload passengers, I'm sure, then to get across! The trip was about 1/2 hour, 3/4 hr., maybe a bit more. It was fully booked. The cost was 17,000 L per person one way.

I believe how long you spend there depends on what all you want to see and do. We walked up to Tiberius' Villa which we enjoyed. It's a very pleasant and scenic walk, though going is all uphill. It probably took us about 3 hours or so. We didn't see the Blue Grotto (nor had we planned on it) - waters were rough so if you are interested, that may be the deciding factor for you. The town appeared to be mostly shopping. It would have been nice to walk to Anacapri but time didn't allow. It seemed like it would have been a nice place to stay overnight.

Can't tell you about the good eats - we went budget and mostly picked stuff up at grocery stores.

This was my first trip there so others may have more information for you. Hope this helps.
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Most people on here will agree that to truly enjoy Capri, you must experience a night there. During the day, it is over run with tourists, and can be somewhat annoying. But Capri at night is a glorious site. Try to spend the night there, there is plenty to do. There is a www.capri.net site that is very informative.
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Claudia, my husband and I spent 2 amazing weeks in Positano and Capri. Personally, I think its best to stay overnight in Capri. At about 4:30/5:00, the island empties out of all the daytrippers. It's the most amazing, romantic place. We took a boat from Positano. Took about an hour and a half. Water was not rough at all. We had excellent meals in Positano - pick any place Buco di Baco, Chez Black, and the restaurant at Cove de Saraceni.

Do try to spend more than a day in Capri. There's nothing more beautiful than twilight overlooking the Faraglioni.
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Everybody says that Capri is magical once the island empties from the day-trippers. My questions:
1. Do the last of all ferries/hydrofils leave at 5:00 pm and nothing beyond?

2. If so, what about hiring your own ferry (?) so you can leave at your desired time?? Is this doable and is it expensive?

In the summer, or at least mid-June, I'm sure the sun will still be up until at least 7:30 pm so there is still a lot of light so I was wondering if the ferry/hydrofil schedules on departure from Capri will be extended.

Many thanks.

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For boat schedules, see


It shows the last boat from Capri to Naples as a Caremar "Nave Veloce" leaving at 8 p.m. Caremar's site, www.caremar.it, shows the same thing, so I think you can rely on it; it gets to Naples at 8:50. I've no idea about hiring your own ferry, but it sounds expensive to me.

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